Political Thot of The Day: Kirstjen Nielsen

The political thot of the day is no other than the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson. This cunt actually rolled her eyes on national television.

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Funny Political Meme of the Day

Click here to view the funny political meme of the day! I dare you not to laugh your azz off!

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Donald Trump: Why Do We Want All These People From ‘Shithole Countries’ Coming Here

Why do we want all these people from ‘Shithole Countries’ coming here?  Continue reading “Donald Trump: Why Do We Want All These People From ‘Shithole Countries’ Coming Here”

Funny Political Meme of the Day

I came across this funny azz meme while arguing with people on Facebook. Hilarious as hell!!!

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Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans,

You have become a bloated party of cantankerous idiocy and smelly azz juice. Your history has progressed from the party of “family values,” to the amoral and sleazy party of Donald Trump. Continue reading “Dear Republicans”

Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House

The new sensation, Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House, is already #1 on the Best Seller’s List across the United States. We already know that American citizens want to know exactly how dumb our president is from someone who basically had a desk at the White House. Continue reading “Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House”

New Book About Trump: “He’s Semi-literate”

Today was an explosive day in Washington and around the United States. In a tell all book about Donald Trump and his White House, the author, Michael Wolff, provides his audience with a horrible depiction of the 45th President. The book even features a statement from a staffer who referred to Donald Trump as “semi-literate.” Continue reading “New Book About Trump: “He’s Semi-literate””

Political Illustration of the Day: Donald Trump Makes An Appearance


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Donald Trump Targets Amazon and United States Postal Service

Here we go again my fellow Americans, Donald Trump targets Amazon, a multi billion dollar entity that puts Trump’s business to shame, and the US Postal Service, his own government agency. Tell us Mr. President, aside from Russian hookers and toilet tweeting, what do you like about America? Continue reading “Donald Trump Targets Amazon and United States Postal Service”

Top 10 Funniest Donald Trump Insults of 2017

Just for fun, I compiled the 10 Funniest Donald Trump insults of 2017. We all agree that Donald Trump is a sack of shyt, but you will be surprised that there is a theme of insults that differs greatly from our past President, Barack Obama; whose insults were more racially motivated. Donald Trump’s insults were often sexually based, which demonstrates how some Americans view him as a perverted swamp turtle. Continue reading “Top 10 Funniest Donald Trump Insults of 2017”

Donald Trump: “You All Just Got A Lot Richer”

light-art-house-architectureAccording to NBC, during one of Donald Trump’s verbal enema rants, he made the statement, “You All Just Got A Lot Richer.” To celebrate his victory for the wealthy with the Tax and Jobs Bill, Donald Trump traveled to the unofficial winter White House. Lets not forget that people who schmooze at the Mar-a-lago Estate aren’t Billy Joe’s clan from down the street. These are very elite and very wealthy people he is hosting at his property. Continue reading “Donald Trump: “You All Just Got A Lot Richer””

Republican Tax Bill: More for Republican Donors and Less for Regular Americans

Republican Tax Bill: More for Republican Donors and Less for Regular Americans The new Republican Tax Bill benefits the millionaire republican donors and means less for regular Americans. This tax victory is a giant win for Donald Trump and his demonic ego. The Republicans and Donald Trump had an annoying little party just to celebrate a victory that most Americans did not want; which is similar to feelings regarding Trump’s Presidency. Continue reading “Republican Tax Bill: More for Republican Donors and Less for Regular Americans”

Alabama: Political Truth

Let me explain!

Although Doug Jones won tonight, fck all Alabamians who thought it a swell idea to vote for an alleged child molester, a racist (with a Jewish attorney), and an overall creature of Satan’s flaming bowels. Continue reading “Alabama: Political Truth”

The Alabama Senate Race: Will Alabamians Elect The Alleged Sexual Predator, Roy Moore?

 Will the citizens of Alabama vote for Roy Moore, an alleged sexual predator?

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Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?

Why are Democrats such pussies?Why are Democrats such fckn pussies? It seems that they never want to be on the wrong side of the issues, and desperately want to be known as the “do-gooder party”. We don’t want Democrats to be do-gooders and pushovers. Please start playing as dirty as those greedy bastards of the Republican party. Continue reading “Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?”

Trump Makes “Pocahontas” Slur at Navajo Event: Stop Making Excuses for this Infantile Infected Twat

Today at the White House, the Twat-Secretion-In-Chief hosted an event honoring the Navajo Code Talkers. Everything was proceeding well until our senile, half president referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. Continue reading “Trump Makes “Pocahontas” Slur at Navajo Event: Stop Making Excuses for this Infantile Infected Twat”

Cosplay While Black: Not Just For Getting Nasty

There are indeed African American/Black Cosplayers who enjoy the subculture for the versatility of transforming themselves into super and magical beings. It’s not just for getting nasty in the bedroom, yall. Well, I guess men wouldn’t mind going to bed with a sexy woodland elf or flexible superhero in red stilettos. Continue reading “Cosplay While Black: Not Just For Getting Nasty”

Inappropriate Thoughts Fueled By A Sangria Mix

img_2709Charles Manson is in the hospital with some mysterious and hopefully painful illness, and Donald Trump is probably somewhere being nasty and inappropriate with his chubby twitter fingers up the skirt of some random Russian prostitute. When do these horrible human beings just stop being a pain in our azzes. Goodnight!

Would You Have An Affair With Donald Trump?

Let’s just put the question out there. He is the most powerful man on the planet right now, and he has chubby, but swift twitter fingers. He has a gold-plated apartment and billions of dollars at his disposal. He’s authorized to wipe entire countries off the face of the planet with nuclear weapons. Considering this information, would you have an affair with Donald Trump? Continue reading “Would You Have An Affair With Donald Trump?”

Impeach Trump at Walmart?

I would be elated if American citizens were able to impeach Donald Trump at Walmart while doing their weekly grocery shopping. Continue reading “Impeach Trump at Walmart?”

The Social Media Diet

img_2074I’ve recently had to put myself on a social media diet in order to prevent myself from going totally insane with the stresses of life and the state of our country. I’ve had to do a little trimming of people and organizations that I follow on Facebook to prevent “Breaking News” stories from plaguing my time line.

There is only so many times a day I can care about the new Kardasian love interest or baby daddy.

And everyone knows that politics is my thing, but I have stopped following CNN and any political affiliated Facebook page. There is only so many times I can call our president an unnatural and disgusting freak of nature. And there is only so many times I can get into Facebook debates with idiots who have no moral foundation.

I just want to discover something that makes me happy and also means something to me. This blog has always allowed me to express my anger at the world, but throughout the years of writing this blog, I have never posted about what makes me really happy.

Its been a week of partaking in this social media diet and I must say, I have started opening my mind more and enjoying other endeavors. If we really think about the daily goings on in our lives, social media takes up more than five hours of our day. We are constantly checking our Facebook pages and looking for pictures from our friends and frenemies to see who is doing better at life.

We often forget that social media is a gate way into only the good moments of our lives. Who posts pictures about a bad break up or when you are taking a huge dump on the toilet? We glance at these fabulous moments and we hope and wish that some day we will have a wonderful relationship like a friend or relative, not knowing that some individuals are experiencing domestic violence and even going through a divorce. Life is more than live feeds and filtered photos. I will still continue to use my Facebook to stay in contact with friends and family, but I refuse to get so immersed in the story of the day or the intricacies of other people’s lives that I forget to live.



Blog Break


With the current state of our country, and the stresses of life, I decided to take a break from blogging. I found that constantly blogging about our horrible president and race relations in our country was causing me mental fatigue. So glad I was able to get a little rest. I’m back though, and ready for my harsh criticism and the general adventures of life.

I’m still hating my job, but at least I have one for now. I have to be grateful that I am gainfully employed, although my employers don’t really appreciate the long hours and effort I put in to my job.

I would like to add that I am utterly disgusted right now regarding our citizen’s reaction to silent protests by our athletes. They are only bringing attention to racial inequality and yet some people are making the protest about disrespecting the American flag. But anyway, I won’t go into another full rant tonight.


Athletes Kneeling Offends, But Donald Trump Acting Like A Dotard Is Acceptable

In the three months that I have been gone from my blog, Donald Trump‘s behavior has become more irate and disgusting. In addition to Donald Trump being a total azzhole, our fellow Americans have also demonstrated that they too harbor the same racist tendencies as the simple narcissist.

Fifty Thirty Eight Colin

Colin Kaepernick started a silent protest some months ago, which ultimately caused him to be blackballed from the NFL. Colin clearly explained his reason for not standing for the National Anthem; however, recently, our disgusting President called the protest disrespectful to the American flag and veterans. Anyone with a brain knows that the protest was to bring attention to police brutality and racial inequality in America. NFL football players are just as patriotic as the racist and idiotic fans.

It seems that no matter the topic, Donald Trump is always willing to throw fuel on the fire as a deflection from his own poor performance as president. The situation with North Korea hasn’t been resolved because Trump keeps calling Kim Jong Un fukin “Rocket Man.” I understand that Americans wanted someone different to “drain the swamp,” but couldn’t y’all have picked someone with a brain, a smidge of empathy, and not being a bigot would have been a plus. So since you want to “make America Great Again” we are stuck with a dotard who continues having rallies after he won the presidency.

We can’t forget his recent faux pas of not giving a flying shyt about the brown Americans across the “big water” in Puerto Rico. And yes, our disgusting president actually said “big water” during a speech about the government’s slow response in assisting the Americans of Puerto Rico. He had the damn nerve to tweet that…

“…they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.”

Now, let us not forget that the Americans of Puerto Rico were hit with two hurricanes, not just one like Texas and Florida. Does Donald Trump not understand that people were starving and thirsty, and had just lost everything. If his orange stank azz was caught in the middle of Puerto Rico with no money or the secret service, his azz would be balled up crying in a ditch somewhere. Where is his empathy? And why is he having twitter exchanges while American citizens are dying?

He was more concerned about Black athletes kneeling for the National Anthem when he could have been working tirelessly to ensure that the recovery efforts would be sufficient after the hurricane. Both the people of Puerto Rico and Donald Trump were informed about the catastrophic effects of the hurricane a few days prior. At first, Donald Disgusting Trump and his “administration” did not address the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, and only when the media started covering his lacking response did he try…TRY…to care. Instead of at least giving Americans a false sense of empathy, he started criticizing a Mayor in Puerto Rico who was begging the President for help.

When does the President grow the fck up? Well, actually, that is the wrong question to ask because he is too old to change. When will the Republicans get fed up with his inability to shut the fck up via twitter?  When will the Republicans get fed up with Trump dividing America and bringing us to the brink of a race war in this country? When will someone step in and force this disgusting man-toddler to stop referring to an insane dictator as “little rocket man?” Dont’ worry, I’ll wait.

The Most Celebrated Photo Today…

A good friend sent me this photo because she knows how much I despise Donald Trump and his clan of criminal offspring. Have a good laugh, I know I did!

Our Bigly and Spectacular Leader Folks!

Donald Trump Praised By His “Administration”

Have you guys seen The Children of the Corn? Every time I’m faced with weird shyt, I get a flash back of this movie. Watching Donald’s “administration” sit around a table praising this grown azz man-baby prompted a scary flash back.

Just observe their body language while lying their azzes off about this incompetent sack of hay. The megalomaniac just sat there getting his daily fix of narcissistic pleasure. The people on Facebook reacted in normal fashion and I got all my life from reading these pissed off Americans.

“I Was Elected to Represent the Citizens of Pittsburgh, Not Paris”: Facebook Responds

Oh I had a healthy laugh today! After our orangey president gave a speech about his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, Facebook erupted with gumption.

Top 5 Funniest Trump Memes on Twitter

I always find the funniest Trump Memes on Twitter. It seems that many Twitter Users hate Trump to a point where they don’t mind taking the time to create a humiliating meme. Way to go guys! Here are the top 5 funniest Trump Memes I found on Twitter today! Continue reading “Top 5 Funniest Trump Memes on Twitter”

The Trump Chronicles

I am always proud of my buddies on Facebook who like to senselessly drag the shyt out of individuals who make fools out of Americans. It seems as of late, our own POTUS has made a fool of the US on quite a few occasions.

Continue reading “The Trump Chronicles”

Yates: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wittle little Trump doll.

Ya’ll, the shyt has hit the fan, and Donald Trump is probably wetting his diaper right about now. While at work, trying to complete a report due tomorrow, I glanced at my Twitter feed to find that Sally Yates and James Tapper were testifying before a special committee about former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn. Continue reading “Yates: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wittle little Trump doll.”

Today on Twitter: Prez Trump Grabbed Putin’s Man-Breasts…Without Permission

Chile these people on Twitter are a hot mess. However, Trump did meet with the Russian minister today, right after firing the person investigating him for Treason. Fck Trump!

Political Punditry: Top 5 Worst CNN Correspondents

Due to the political climate in America, political commentators have become the  rock stars of the media elite. Some have emerged as sanctimonious nut jobs, while others have made a name for themselves as opponents of the Trump administration. Continue reading “Political Punditry: Top 5 Worst CNN Correspondents”

Today on Twitter…

Twitter always gives me life when tweeters drag the shyt out of EVERYONE. Poor Trump is the King of getting dragged by the Twitter masses.

Impeachment sign

To answer their question, the impeachment is taking so long because some politicians will greatly benefit under a Trump administration, and some are just too cowardly to stick their necks out for the American people.

trump imzbe

Why people are still supporting this disgusting buffoon is beyond me? He bragged about working 24/7 for the American people, and now he just golfs 24/7 and maybe sign an executive order to give the impression that he is doing something monumental.

Isis Trump Images

Chile, Isis still here! The Trumpy Baby-Man sits and pouts about not following through with his unrealistic plan to defeat Isis in the first 30 days of his presidency. What up with that Mr. President?


So Billy Boy Got Fired

I must admit, I’m very surprised that Fox, the news station of the unfair and crazy, fired their most successful host, Bill O’reilly, after getting fed up with his alleged sexual harassment of female coworkers. Continue reading “So Billy Boy Got Fired”

I’m At Work Right Now But…

Just heard Bill O’Reilly got fired with his stankin’ azz. I will go smooth off when I get off from work. But I’m guessing that Fox News were pissed off about Billy being a total sexual deviant/perpetrator. Will be back with more of my rant after this long azz meeting.

Today on Twitter…

This man, my President. I don’t want to sound like a horn dog, but lawd have mercy, goodness gracious he is wearing this damn suit. I’m not used to our past presidents being sexy like this.

Ok, ok! His entire family was there too. I do love the O family though. They just seem like great people. Hope they don’t mind me lusting all over the internet.

Donald Trump Supports Bill O’reilly Amid Sexual Harassment Settlement

The President of the United States has hit a whole new low by publicly supporting Fox News host and fellow pussy grabber, Bill O’reilly. Continue reading “Donald Trump Supports Bill O’reilly Amid Sexual Harassment Settlement”

Tomi Lahren Goes Down

Just to get it out of the way, THE BTCH GOT FIRED!

But I have to give sis some credit, she has made an impact in the lives of racist bigots who sit on their couches everyday collecting welfare and enjoying their Obamacare; Continue reading “Tomi Lahren Goes Down”

GOP Health Plan Collapses, Trump Acts Like Baby Man

Last night I prayed for our country and asked God not to allow the orange baby-man to strip 24 million Americans of health care. Continue reading “GOP Health Plan Collapses, Trump Acts Like Baby Man”

Donald Trump Russian Ties?

Over the past few weeks, since the presidential inauguration, our government has transformed into a reality television show. Continue reading “Donald Trump Russian Ties?”

Don’t Let Your President Get Your Ass Whooped

The country didn’t expect Donald Trump to win the Presidency, but he won fair and square. It is time to move forward and give him a chance to fulfill all the nonsense he promised during the campaign. Continue reading “Don’t Let Your President Get Your Ass Whooped”


I haven’t written on my beloved blog for a while now because I have been experiencing a long-term numbing since Donald Trump ran as the republican candidate and eventually elected president of the great USA. Continue reading “Numb”

Donald Trump vs. Ruth Bader Gingsburg

I understand that chief justice, Ruth Bader Gingsburg, is an older woman set in her ways, but she was the culprit in starting this firestorm of political drama this week. Continue reading “Donald Trump vs. Ruth Bader Gingsburg”

Still Voting for Hillary?

Hillary lied! She lied to the American people about her damn email server. Hillary assured America that she did not send confidential or top secret emails through her private server. FBI’s director, James Comey, made it clear that she sent multiple emails that were “top secret”, and then went so far as to claim that she “may have” been hacked in the process of using this email server. This is damaging news to the Clinton campaign, no doubt. Continue reading “Still Voting for Hillary?”

Gender Politics: Famous Titties versus Mommy Titties

Public Tits vs. Breast Feeding Tits

Famous Titties versus Mommy Titties

The internet has been raging about the scandalous, yet illustrious red-carpet gown worn by Rih Rih, our R&B princess. I must admit that she is one of my favorite artists so this had absolutely nothing to do with her scantily fashionable faux pas. The hypocrisy here is the growing population of men and women who glamorize famous titties, but criticize motherly titties. I am so sick of people saying things like:

  • “why can the baby wait to eat when the mother gets home?” (Well, the problem here is, when a baby is hungry, you want to nourish your child immediately, so screw you and your ignorance with a cocaine laced dildo.)
  • “no one wants to see that.” (But it was quite okay for Rhi Rhi to put her tits and azz on display for the entire world to observe and rejoice.)

At the end of the day, fu#k all hypocrites and stop giving moms a hard azz time for feeding an infant in public when breasts and vaginas are all over the damn place.

Politics and Race: Starting Your Car While Black?

Your Tea Is Served…

I would like to make an announcement! Next time a Republican or some sheltered azzhole proclaims that racism is dead, tell them to go and fu*k themselves with a spiked stiletto. Now, we have all had our racist moments. Maybe we’ve had thoughts that were totally inappropriate, or joked with our friends behind closed doors, but this bytch here takes the cake.

Apparently, the “black menace” started his huge car and scared her and her children. Now, is it me or does this sound a little mentally illish (I make up words)? If your kids aren’t used to a car starting, then something is particularly off with your parenting skills. Even if the the “black evil car villain” actually scared your children with his automobile, that was invented in the 1880’s, why would you proceed to call him a n#gger and call your husband to come and whoop his azz?

But I Have Black Friends…not anymore!

I don’t know about you, but I get a little rattled by motorcycles! Now, do I look at the race of the driver and proceed to call him/her every racial epithet ever invented? No! I respond with “oh sh#t.” That’s the normal response!! I’m glad this video has gone viral because this is the same biotch who claims, “I’m not racist, I have black friends.” Well not anymore you stank biotch! Those black friends bout to f#ck you up!

Politics and Race: Black Women Not Hating on our White Sistahs

imagesYour Tea Is Served…

I wish people would stop placing all black women in the same category. Some people think black women get upset when black men marry or date white women. Well I’m gonna tell you this, I could give a hot rats azz what black men do or who they marry. All women have their issues, but if a black man wants someone of another race then maybe that’s who he was meant to be with. I support a person’s right to choose who they love, so not all black women are obsessed with criticizing black men for their choice in women.

Blaming Black Women

I don’t appreciate men who insult black women by stating we are overbearing, loud, ghetto, and disrespectful. I’m not saying that there aren’t some people like that, but it’s dangerous to group people into the same category. If you haven’t noticed, we are all different. If as a black man you prefer white women, that’s your choice and I support it if it makes you happy. But what I don’t appreciate is the fact that black men blame their choice on the behaviors of black women. No…that has nothing to do with us boo boo. That’s all on your inability to lead a strong black woman.

Furthermore, Black women aren’t hating on our white sistahs for dating/marrying black men. I recently read an article in which a person called “frustrated white girl” who wrote that black women were upset about her relationship with an intelligent black man. I have white friends, and if they were to date and marry a black man I would be the first at the wedding congratulating them both. You see, black woman are kind, loving, and tolerant just like any other individual. I don’t know what crowd this particular “frustrated white girl” associated with, but the intelligent women that I know are worried about finishing their education, getting that high paying job, and finding love with a real man who isn’t intimidated with success. The women causing her frustration must have absolutely nothing to do because black men dating/marrying white women is the last thing on my mind.

This is why we don’t care…

We are strong, educated women who know exactly what we want. If some black men don’t want to deal with it, then go the hell on and find your soul mate else where. I’m happy when men can find that special someone, no matter their skin color. But damn you for thinking that black women have caused you to look else where. Only a weak azz man gives a woman that much power to change his preference in women based on race.

So what’s the damn deal?

In the end this issue has everything to do with the insecurities of men who feel that they must justify their life choices by blaming black women. Don’t blame us dude, if that’s what you want, by all means, get your freak on. And listen to this tea…you complain about black women, but forgetting who gave birth to your azz.

Funny Political Meme of The Day

Click here to view the funny political meme of the day! You won’t be sorry!

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