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Donald Trump Summit

Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump and Lil Kim

Donald Trump met with dictator, Lil Kim, and probably sold us out for a chance to build a Trump golf course in North Korea.

G7 Summit

G7 Summit Drama

Obama has set up a growing economy for President Trump to be successful; however, since taking office, he has literally been on a path of fcking America from every crevice possible.

The ‘Don’t F With’ List

Lifestyle politics is just as important as presidential politics. There are people in our lives that you must isolate yourself from in order to maintain a positive self-image and mental well-being.

I barely have time for Trump Tariff Chaos

I Barely Have Time For The Trump Tariff Chaos

I barely have time for the Trump tariff chaos. He doesn’t understand that basics of trade and should only be the president of his underpants, not of the United States.

Americans are dreamers too

Americans Are Dreamers Too: Accept American Dreamers Aren’t Fleeing Ice Agents

Trump’s State of the Union Address was overshadowed by his statement “Americans are Dreamers too.” It’s problematic when Trump’s followers

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Trump’s Twitter Response to Jay-Z: Which Was Ignored By the Iconic Rapper

Trump decided to fck with Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z; and everyone knows you don’t fck with the queen Bee. 

Meme of the day: Democrats

Political Meme of the Day: Attention Democrats

Due to the fact that the dopey Democrats are failing at protecting the United States from the ultimate turd-in-chief, this meme is dedicated to their weak ripe azzes.

Has Donald Trump Caused Your Heavy Drinking?

The election of Donald Trump has created a new generation of alcoholics in the United States. #donaldtrump #humor #memes

Political Meme of the Day

Check out the funny political meme of the Day that features our not so favorite orange penile implant, Donald Trump.

The Entire World Hates Donald Trump

Trump Is The Most Hated Man on the Planet The entire world hates Donald Trump; which has been repeatedly demonstrated

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womens march

Women’s March 2018: Women Will Vote Against Republicans in Mid-Term Elections

If you haven’t seen the footage from the 2018 women’s march, you must have been sound asleep like Donald Trump

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Political Meme of the Day: More Political Thots

Check out the Sunday Political meme that will have you in tears. Even those who hate trump can act like

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Government Shutdown: Donald Trump is Asleep While Senators Continue Negotiations

The government has shutdown bytches; and President Trump probably went to sleep angry because his annual gala at the Winter

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Political Thot of The Day

Political Thot of The Day: Kirstjen Nielsen

What is a political thot? Click here and find out why Kirstjen Nielson is our political thot of the day!

Shithole Countries

Donald Trump: Why Do We Want All These People From ‘Shithole Countries’ Coming Here

Why do we want all these people from ‘Shithole Countries’ coming here? 

Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans, You have become a bloated party of cantankerous idiocy and smelly azz juice. Your history has progressed from

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Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House

The new sensation, Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House, is already #1 on the Best Seller’s List across

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New Book About Trump: “He’s Semi-literate”

Today was an explosive day in Washington and around the United States. In a tell all book about Donald Trump

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Political Illustration of the Day: Donald Trump Makes An Appearance

Check out this political illustration that pokes fun of our horrible president and his melting brain.

Donald Trump Targets Amazon and United States Postal Service

Donald Trump, our President and slice of moldy lard, targets Amazon and United States Postal Service. Why does he continue targeting American companies and government agencies?

Jeff J Mitchell via getty images

Top 10 Funniest Donald Trump Insults of 2017

Just for fun, I compiled the 10 Funniest Donald Trump insults of 2017. We all agree that Donald Trump is a sack of shyt, but you will be surprised that their is a theme of insults that differs greatly from our past President, Barack Obama; whose insults were more racially motivated. Donald Trump’s insults were often sexually based, which demonstrates how some Americans view him as a perverted swamp turtle.

Donald Trump: “You All Just Got A Lot Richer”

According to NBC, during one of Donald Trump’s verbal enema rants, he made the statement, “You All Just Got A Lot Richer.”

Republican Tax Bill: More for Republican Donors and Less for Regular Americans

Republican Tax Bill: More for Republican Donors and Less for Regular Americans

The new Republican Tax Bill benefits the millionaire republican donors and means less for regular Americans. This tax victory is a

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Alabama: Political Truth

Although Doug Jones won tonight, fuck all Alabamians who thought it a swell idea to vote for an alleged child molester, a racist (with a Jewish attorney), and an overall creature of Satan’s flaming bowels.

The Alabama Senate Race: Will Alabamians Elect The Alleged Sexual Predator, Roy Moore?

Will the citizens of Alabama vote for Roy Moore, an alleged sexual predator? Of course they will, Donald Trump is also a disgusting senior citizen and Americans voted for his loose dentured azz.

Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?

Democrats must learn to get as filthy and corrupt as their Republican counter parts to win this country back.

Trump Makes “Pocahontas” Slur at Navajo Event: Stop Making Excuses for this Infantile Infected Twat

Immediately after a Navajo Code Talkers Event at the White House, the twat [Donald Trump] apologists wanted to minimize the President’s racial slur, asserting that the American people should be accustomed to hearing the leader of the free world speak like an infantile, infected twat (Not that infected twats speak, but whatever!).

Cosplay While Black: Not Just For Getting Nasty

There are indeed African American/Black Cosplayers who enjoy the subculture for the versatility of transforming themselves into super and magical

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Inappropriate Thoughts Fueled By A Sangria Mix

The two horrible human beings, Charles Manson and Donald Trump, were on my mind while drinking a pleasant beverage.

Would You Have An Affair With Donald Trump?

Let’s just put the question out there. He is the most powerful man on the planet right now, and he has chubby, but swift twitter fingers. He has a gold-plated apartment and billions of dollars at his disposal. He’s authorized to wipe entire countries off the face of the planet with nuclear weapons. Considering this information, would you have an affair with Donald Trump?

Impeach Trump at Walmart?

I would be elated if American citizens were able to impeach Donald Trump at Walmart while doing their weekly grocery shopping.

Athletes Kneeling Offends, But Donald Trump Acting Like A Dotard Is Acceptable

Why is our President such a disgusting dotard?

“I Was Elected to Represent the Citizens of Pittsburgh, Not Paris”: Facebook Responds

…and all Americans with a brain let out a collective sigh!

The Trump Chronicles

Will our President ever be more than just a reality tv star and international laughing stock of the world?

Yates: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wittle little Trump doll.

Ya’ll, the shyt has hit the fan, and Donald Trump is probably wetting his diaper right about now. While at

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Today on Twitter: Prez Trump Grabbed Putin’s Man-Breasts…Without Permission

Chile these people on Twitter are a hot mess. However, Trump did meet with the Russian minister today, right after

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Political Punditry: Top 5 Worst CNN Correspondents

Due to the political climate in America, political commentators have become the  rock stars of the media elite. Some have

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Gender Politics: Famous Titties versus Mommy Titties

Famous Titties versus Mommy Titties The internet has been raging about the scandalous, yet illustrious red-carpet gown worn by Rih

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Politics and Race: Starting Your Car While Black?

Your Tea Is Served… I would like to make an announcement! Next time a Republican or some sheltered azzhole proclaims

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Politics and Race: Black Women Not Hating on our White Sistahs

Your Tea Is Served… I wish people would stop placing all black women in the same category. Some people think

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America First?

America First…yet Trump is more concerned with meeting dictators?

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