Political Adventures

Has Donald Trump Caused Your Heavy Drinking?

The election of Donald Trump has created a new generation of alcoholics in the United States. #donaldtrump #humor #memes

Political Meme of the Day

Check out the funny political meme of the Day that features our not so favorite orange penile implant, Donald Trump.

The Entire World Hates Donald Trump

Trump Is The Most Hated Man on the Planet The entire world hates Donald Trump; which has been repeatedly demonstrated

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womens march

Women’s March 2018: Women Will Vote Against Republicans in Mid-Term Elections

If you haven’t seen the footage from the 2018 women’s march, you must have been sound asleep like Donald Trump

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Political Meme of the Day: More Political Thots

Check out the Sunday Political meme that will have you in tears. Even those who hate trump can act like

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