Want to know where I took this picture? Right in front of a HIGH SCHOOL!

Who Your Daddy

I have never seen such a horrific sight in my life. And the car was parked right in front as if it belonged to one of the teachers. I think I will be calling in a complaint. This is ridiculous!

Although adolescents are exposed to much worse on television, and while playing video games, it is extremely inappropriate to include such vulgarity to an educational atmosphere.

I am not naive to the fact that there are adolescents who have children, but I don’t think exposing them to a vehicle that says “who’s your daddy” on campus promotes academic prosperity. WTH?


Author: SuperGirl

SuperGirl has a lot of sassy conjecture about the drama that surrounds us all. She dwells on topics that range from celebrity news, entertainment, parenting, politics, and personal experiences that drives the drama of our lives. Life is an adventure.

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