Hating the Job

Psychology is a heterogeneous discipline that permeates all aspects of our social and professional lives. Recently, I researched the branches of psychology and was pleasantly surprised to find Occupational Health Psychology. If you have ever analyzed the dynamics of your work environment, I assume you have noticed the social and psychological components involved in this minute, yet substantive subculture. Work environments are encompassed with a myriad of characteristics such as politics, positions of power, personality traits, and mental health issues that could literally drive you crazy.

I have worked with some seriously unstable persons in positions of power who demonstrate innumerable flaws in their personality and social capabilities, ultimately affecting the stability of the work place. Everyday we nervously anticipate the arrival of the human resource director and company executive, also known as the Grim Reapers, to lay off another social worker, picking us off like flies or cattle, or however you want to phrase it. Their arrival dissipates any hope of career longevity. As the Grim Reapers malevolently dismantle a burgeoning group of peers, we are invariably plagued with anxiety and in some cases, depression.  As we are symbolically gutted like fish, another person (who I frequently refer to as the Narcissistic Troll), snidely smiles, rejoicing that her sinister, yet brilliantly executed strategy of closing an entire office of dedicated social workers has succeeded… excerpt from e-book



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