Why is Marijuana Illegal?

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Why is Marijuana Illegal?

I have always believed that any illicit substances, even Marijuana, were harmful to the body. My position has changed slightly over the years. If we compare the side effects to alcohol, Marijuana is a non-threatening school girl. Men and women across the United States are being sent to prison for many years for a drug that has very few harmful side effects. So, why are we holding on to these out dated laws when we could definitely decrease people in prison, and those with criminal records. Legalization of marijuana would have an instant domino effect that will allow people to remain in their communities seeking employment instead of being locked in a jail cell.

Furthermore, what I’m about to say may seem like a conspiracy theory, and I promise I’m not some total nut job. Maintaining laws restricting the use of Marijuana has a political component. Politicians are given a lot of money to maintain the prison complex. If this law continues, the business of prison occupancy increases. Prisons are in it for the money dudes and duddetts.

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  1. I believe you are correct with Marijuana. Although it is a hallucinogen, it is the lesser of the bunch and has no real harmful effects that impair a person like the depressant alcohol. During the time they deemed it illegal, opiate and alcohol abuse were the most prevalent so you could say, guilt by association I guess. Good Article!

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