Internet Marketing Stole the Virgin’s Panties…GONE!

Back in the day, but not that long ago,

I was scammed multiple times by marketing schemes and was caught off guard with the gravity of persuasiveness within the article’s content. Expert internet marketers pay professionals to write premium content that can seduce a rigid virgin out of her panties after reading one or two paragraphs. Then after spending the money you’re screwed with smelly stained drawers and a curious look on your face. They make so many promises and make them sound soooooo great, and some, including me, just fall for it every time.

When I was first getting to feel my way around the internet in college, my motto was: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me again, maybe third time is a charm! It sounded like some kind of gambling addiction. I knew there was a significant risk in marketing opportunities, but I always felt like the next time would be the one. Of course you live and you learn from your mistakes, and as you can tell I was an idiot on many occasions. I was single, in college, and could do what I wanted so throwing away a little money here and there was no big deal.

However, 31 years old, a baby, a husband, a doctorate program, and thousands of miles away from the republican and female oppressive state of Texas, there is no way in hell on earth I will throw away any money on these ratchet azz scams. And when someone says something is free, you better believe you will be giving up something whether it be an email address, a date of birth, your name, SOMETHING. Nothing is ever free.



    1. Really, and how was this beneficial to you, a Spammer with no conscious. Here is your first and last time being on my page. I was going to delete but I am in a crappy mood and needed to take it out on someone so it might as well be Spammers, you can’t get any lower in internet world.


      1. Lol, probably this would not be he last time you see me here, neither am i a spammer or scam even though am a promoter of good music, i love what you wrote about, and your experience, the catchy picture and this crooked ways they get to wait my time… but nice writings here, follow me, am an Rnb Blogger / singer #Media


      2. Oops!! my mistake, alright, what stylish about me, yea am a ‘Mr’ but ‘Spammer’?? Common i swear you would want whatever i send you, all melodious with a write up or #ArtWork #Music..


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I really appreciate it and as mentioned on my I Pledge page, I always make good on my promise to follow back, if even a little bit late in doing so! I enjoy the content that you have here and the fact that you simply “keep it real!” Refreshing to see someone staying true to themselves – doctorate program and all but still comfortable with embracing the laymen’s language. I was particularly drawn to this post because I would like to know your experience with the marketing schemes in specifics. Like did you get involved with one of those affiliate programs, or did you get involved with AWOL or the other big one I see a lot of blog users on that I can’t remember right now haha.

    I would love to learn from your experiences and make a new friend along the way.



    1. I have extensive experience in online marketing and let me just tell you this, you won’t get rich at all. Actually, the only time I benefited financially from online marketing was writing for the Examiner. I used to make like 30 dollars a month. lol

      It is so important to know that all that affiliate crap is a waste of time. I made it a full time gig when I was not working for six months and never made much. If you don’t have the capital up front then there is no way to generate the population you need in order to profit. Also, sometimes it takes years to build an audience. So, let me tell you this…don’t waste your time. Don’t spend any of your hard earned money. I just blog to relieve stress and take my mind off things.

      This is from past and present experience!


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