Job Interview Disaster Disorder and Pure Blessings Along the Way

Pink Clouds

I look back and realize that only my God could have gotten me through interviews that landed me jobs where I have thrived for years. I have a disorder called “I suck at job interviews” and it is mixed with anxiety, the need to go to the bathroom, and the urge to puke.

I’ve concluded that He made a way through other people and circumstances as a means to get my foot in the door despite job interview jitters. The first was with the state of Texas, where the interviewer could care less who she was hiring as long as I had a bachelor’s degree and wasn’t a pedophile. They were hiring like two hundred people at a time and I so happen to have graduated a month earlier. I am so awful in interviews. I actually cried in this one. I got the job a week later. God is good!

That was four great years of doing what I loved. I would have never left that job, but I fell in love with a southern guy who relocated to California. So of course I was obliged to marry this southern fellow, me being a southern delight myself, and relocated to the murder capital of the world. (Ok, maybe not the world, but since I have been here, I have witnessed a couple of standoffs with the police, one including a SWAT team and the mentally ill tenant down stairs).

Finding a job in a strange state was difficult. The first couple of interviews were horrible, but not because of my disorder, it was the atrocious behaviors of the interviewers. A significant example is the interviewer who asked me my astrological sign, Gemini, and then became excited because he heard that all Geminis were freaks. This employer called me a freak in the job interview! He proceeds to tell me a story about his friend with a Gemini tattoo that wraps around her back, and wanted to demonstrate how it looked. He told me to stand up, and my Willy Foo Foo azz did, and he started to feel me up. I walked out of the office and drove home furious. That was my first interview in California. My husband was about to blow a gasket, but calmed down when I wrote an email to the own of the business. The southern gentleman returned and all was right with the world. God is good!

Moving on! My blessing arrived when I was called in for a Social Worker position in San Bernardino. I went in and I just simply loved the interviewer, she made me feel comfortable and tried to make general conversation about my shoes. I was nervous but she alleviated a lot of that. I got the job! Well, turns out, I really didn’t have the credentials for the position, but my interviewer requested an exception for me. I thought that was the nicest thing she ever did. As I worked with her, I started to understand how God worked through her to bless me. Turns out, the boss was an emotionally unstable control freak who treated some of her staff like indentured servants and she always found extra things you should have done when you’ve completed everything she’s asked. I actually didn’t mind it at first, but she became paranoid and started treating the social workers, supportive staff, and the foster parents like her little minions. She was eventually fired, but I still had a job. God is Good!

I just wanted to motivate anyone out there who has been searching for employment and has not been successful. He makes a way and sometimes its not the way you want, but at least it’s a way in.



  1. I’m a horrible interviewer too. I am convinced the reason I got my current job is because I knew the interviewer. I also worked in a job with a similar dynamic for the past 5 years. I stayed there so long because I felt like this was normal in the workplace, not to mention I was not getting any callbacks for interviews.


    1. It’s pure luck when you know the interviewer. I always tell people to always be polite to others because you never know when you will need something from them. I’ve learned that the hard and easy way.


  2. I suck at interviews too! I am currently trying to look for a special education teaching job, and interviews have been a nightmare! I know I could be good at what I do, if I ever got the chance to actually do it… but when it comes to sitting at a table with a bunch of administrators asking me questions, I stutter and my mind goes blank and its all I can do to keep from saying, “Never mind. I changed my mind. I need to leave. Goodbye!”


    1. My mind also goes blank too. I have found that drinking calming tea helps out with that, but also coffee does too which is weird. I think employers know that some people are nervous. One of my last employers, a controlling witch with a personality disorder, surprisingly made me feel quite comfortable during my interview and I nailed it. So, in some cases it could be the employer giving off bad vibes.


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