Bleach and Piss

Parent Tip AlertI just moved into these really nice apartment homes where I thought me and the “fam fam” wouldn’t be hindered with incompetent front office staff and insane persons trying to commit suicide once a month. Check out my post regarding the idiot down stairs at my previous apartment and his stand off with a fully armed SWAT team.

I will make this as painless as possible. The people next door can be characterized as a neighbor’s worst nightmare. This woman has five children, a cheating live-in boyfriend, and a little boy who refuses to piss in the toilet. Let me repeat that for emphasis…

                         …a little boy who refuses to piss in the toilet. (He is around seven or eight by the way)

Our first day in the apartment, the little boy whipped out his junk and peed on the adjoining porch we unfortunately share with his family.

I didn’t understand why his mother didn’t address this issue when he started socializing and understanding proper etiquette, but her azz is lacking some etiquette her damn self because she has no qualms about public self-humiliation. While I was walking from my baby’s room, I heard her door slam and her screaming as if she were in pain. I thought something was wrong. I peeked out the key hole and she was just fine. She stood right outside my door cussing at the woman who cheating with her man. Every word was an expletive, and sorry to say…very entertaining.



  1. On the upside, she and her offspring should make for some great blog fodder.

    Might I suggest going to the pet store, purchasing a large bottle of some industrial “urine” cleaner and leaving it on HER part of the porch?

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    1. Turns out, since the baby daddy of the pissy kid is cheating, they are moving out soon. She told my husband this information to let him know she was available. that was a laughing moment for me!! I was like itch, you got five kids, go sit your azz down. lmao!! They are moving out and letting her sister move in. I was thinking about reporting their azz but I’m gonna mind my damn business. Girl, life is all about that drama drama drama. lol

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  2. Omg that is disgusting!

    I’ve got new neighbors and they are just loud no disgusting urinating on porches, however, there was an incident of yelling and “that bitch better not come over here!” The girl was cussing out this dude as he was leaving with a box full of his belongings. Drama! I hate drama! I was trying to do homework and I had to close my door. People are just rude!

    Maybe bleach will get rid of the smell. I would pour bleach everywhere so maybe that lil douche bag will be dissuaded from urinating there because the smell is too strong.

    Good luck !


  3. Holy heck. I would give that kid a talking to myself and if his mom had a problem with it, I’d tell her that I shouldn’t HAVE to do what she should be doing. Not that it would work. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Another thing: I’ve always wondered why women go after their man’s other woman rather than after their man. I mean, if she was a friend or family member, I could see it, but isn’t HE the one that cheated? Or the other way around. Don’t want to be sexist. 😉


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