The twerking diaries: how to twerk?

Image by: HOWCAST/youtubeI am still an amateur! My husband said I’m, what’s the word he used? STIFF!!!  

I have no idea why this is such a huge deal. As I have mentioned in my last post, people have been shaking their azzes since the beginning of time.

Now that Miley with her no-azz-at-all azz TRIED to twerk, which was an absolute FAIL btw, everyone is so excited about shaking their azz now. Where was the media when Tip Drill came out?

This is the rated X version (I couldn’t find the clean version). If you are under 18 years old, you need to shut down the damn computer and read a book anyway. You are not allowed to view this on my blog.

I don’t have an opinion regarding the appropriateness of the video. I just wanted to demonstrate that twerking has existed for awhile and is highly entrenched in the Hip Hop community. This is a learning moment!!! See how I just turned soft porn into an academic experience? lol



  1. There was a huge backlash when that video dropped. It first aired on the popular late night show BET Uncut. It just happened to get popular right behind a nationally publicized incident where a radio show host (Don Imus) called a group of African American college basketball players “nappy headed hoes”. He was promptly fired, but it led many in the black community to reevaluate the way things are in our society. BET hosted a string of shows called The Hip hop Summit where national public leaders got together with popular hip hop artists, journalists, and citizens to discuss how to change the way of our culture. Nelly was a part of the summit. He vehemently defended his video. It would seem nothing much came from the summit and things were soon back to its misogynous norm. My, how quickly we forget.

    Apart from that, I don’t understand our culture’s fascination with “twerking”. The phrase itself was used regularly in hip hop in the 90s. It would seem now that people talk about it as if it is brand new. Maybe people just aren’t up on their history like they should be.


    1. This is a great discussion topic thanks Jonathan. And I guess nothing was accomplished during the summit because people are still shaking their azz in these videos. I take a different stance on the issue of the video.

      Some women, and surprisingly some men talk about the misogynistic representation of women in this video, but we forget that these are grown azz women doing what they do. These women are paid a chunk of change to be raunchy. It ain’t my cup of tea, but they seem to be just fine with it. There are so many women lining up just to audition for these videos because they want to be associated with an artist, get their face on television…whatever. These are not hookers who have been traumatized by years of abuse and are controlled by their local pimp. Many of these women have agents, are college students, or got the hook up because their cousin knows so-and-so. Sometimes I think people should be evaluated based on their individual choices instead of being grouped together as if we all know each other.

      The summit was probably unsuccessful because black leaders are doing what some non-black people do, clump us all together in one bunch. It is unfair to every black person in America. Just because there are black women who want to portray themselves as sexual beings on a video doesn’t mean there is a problem. The problem starts when black leaders start trying control people’s behaviors as if we all make the same decisions and come from the same back ground.

      And I know some people may not like my next comment. I actually liked the video, even though I’m stunned every time I watch it. I’m always thinking “damn, how she do that?” lol


  2. Your article is “Right on Point.” Shaking for years, this is not new. Even before dirty dancing, women were twerking. It is amazing how society jumps on a “made up word,” and gives it credibility.


  3. No you are not an amateur girl, your husband thinks if society changes the name, then its a new dance. We know, women have been dirty dancing, twerking, and freaky dancing as grandmother would say, since the beginning of Bath Houses throughout the world.


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