House Wifery

house wifery

House Wifery

My She-Woman complex has diminished exponentially since being out of work for three months and unofficially adopting house wifery. Without actually adopting the role of house wife, it seems that the title has invaded all up and through…everything. Who knew that staying home as a house wife with a one year old and doing house work could be so difficult.

It was a tiring transition from single, independent woman to a married parent, and now house wifery. Now, the pressure is on once again to cook, clean, and wash laundry…goodness what the hell? Why is all this necessary? I think the hardest part of house wifery is learning that washing dishes is a daily routine. When I was working, they would get done whenever, but now that I am a…house wife, there is no excuse.

House Wifery and Inept Cooking 

One task that I have neglected in house wifery is the cooking. The hubby does the cooking because he has accepted the realization that his independent ex-feminist wife can’t boil water. Just the other day I over heated my baby’s oatmeal. It was extremely dry and crispy so it went into the trash. Poor hubby just laughed and shook his head. He knew exactly who I was when he married me, so he knew that cooking wasn’t in my bag of tricks. I can make some mean eggs though.

House Wifery as a Day Job? Oh hell naw!

I have been looking around the internet trying to find blogs on how to succeed in house wifery and they are all full shyt. No one ever includes setting aside the four hours a day I need for studying and writing papers for class. Additionally, some bloggers write about “house wifery” as if it is a day job. They have an entire eight hours mapped out every single day. I’m sorry, but I will be damned if I clean and do other boring shyt for eight hours while my toddler waddles behind me. Today I was sweeping the floor, and my little baby went and sat down near the pile of trash and started throwing it back on the carpet. I was like “if you weren’t my baby”…. lol.  He just laughed and wanted to be held. Damn, house wifery sucks!

Maybe I will get some good news next week. Please someone pick me! Save me from the hell that is house wifery!



  1. hmmmmmm interesting point i am African by Birth and unfortunately a Lady is still expected to cook,in most cases.Funny thing is even no matter how professional they are still expected to do wifely duties and egg simply wont do…….But i digress this is the 21st century and Women have changed.If you went to an African woman house it would be scary !!!! lol


    1. lmao. you probably right, it would be scary. I’m blessed to have such an understanding husband. But he is a great cook and he loves cooking so God was looking out for a sistah when he put us together. But infoman,I have decided to at least try.


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