The Green Card Game: I Married An African Physician by Tina Webster

I must say that I am already hooked on this book and it hasn’t been released. I absolutely love it…and I haven’t read it. Author Tina Webster has done an outstanding job advertising her emotional and financial trauma stemming from a conniving, manipulative, treacherous, and deceitful demon-esque hoe-bag of a husband from the mother land. I was left with multiple questions and no answers, and now I am feeling disappointed and betrayed by having to wait until November….NOVEMBER!!!! And another thing…

Now yall, we have all worked with men from Africa. SOME of them (trying to be politically correct, but personally I think its most but who the fck cares) do have their complains about African American women. One dude I worked with said that AA women were dirty and ignorant. Now I don’t believe this for one moment because my luscious ass just got out of the damn shower and I’m a PhD candidate. So stanky and dumb can’t fit just anyone’s azz. I wonder what he would say about Miley Cirus? Is that stank? Is that dumb? Home chick fits both descriptions.

Okay, a little off topic. The Green Card Game: I Married An African Physician, will be available in November and I will be the first customer!!!

Check out Mama Don’t by Tina Webster



  1. I know two women who were duped by African men. To this day it haunts them. So. Yeah I def want to read. I dated a lot of African Men so I would like to know what other womens perspectives are on them.


    1. sigh! you just can’t stop and won’t stop!!!! lol but always put a smile on my face. even when you are wayyyyy inappropriate. Like that zeeebra african woman comment the other day. I had to ask myself should I be offended by that? But then I was like…hell knaw, they don’t like me, so they zeeebra asses can kick rocks….lol


    2. Although I am not sure what bewb means…If it relates to healing, then I need it. If it relates to a butt kicking for being so dumb, well I need that too. Thanks for recognizing i need SOMETHING!!!!


  2. Hi Socialworkinggal

    Replied to comments, don’t know where they went once I clicked reply. Feel free to repost them in your comments section. Can you do that??? its 2:50 a.m. sorry


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