Chris Brown: Do we still care?


Here we go again! I must first off by saying that I do not support domestic violence in no way, shape or form, but in the comparison Chris just made today,  I keep thinking why are we still Chris Bashing?

Apparently, Chris Brown asked why is he villainous in the present due to his mistake he has paid for in the past, and Jay Z has been placed on a pedestal despite his history of selling drugs and being found guilty of stabbing someone.

I admit was pissed off and disappointing in Chris Brown when this incident first occurred years ago, but now, Rhianna has moved on and Chris Brown has been punished. Rhianna continues to wag her vagina with those skin tight-azz panties, and taking risque photos looking like a tranny-harlot at a Renaissance festival.

If we don’t leave this man alone after being punished for his crimes, what does that say about us? What is the purpose of the criminal justice system if this man is sentenced, does his time, and still considered a menace to society.

There are mothers to teenage girls who complain about his music and his overall influence. Well, that is YOUR responsibility as the parent to patrol your child’s listening habits. It is also the parent’s responsibility to talk to their children about domestic violence and explain the gravity of what Chris Brown did and why people are upset with his actions. There are some parents who want the outside world to teach their children everything, this is a horrible idea.

However, it is no way our business to stop him from making a living. If other people still want to listen his music, then allow them the right as an American citizen to listen to this controversial person. You have the right to boycott the shit out of him  just like Jay and Bey.

Getting to that, I love Jay Z and the image he and Beyonce portray in the present, but I remember when he had his scandals, so when he and Bey were boycotting award shows due to Chris Brown’s actions I was like, are you serious? But, I also had to consider that Rihanna was his friend and colleague so of course that was his approach to providing support. Even Beyonce went on CNN with her country azz and fakedly reached out in support of Rhianna (CNN though? How you support someone on CNN? Why she just didn’t go to her damn house.) 

Either way, right now in the present, all of it should be squashed. Everyone has returned to their normal role. Rihanna (I’m sorry if I’ve misspelled her name a thousand and one ways but oh well) got her Birthday Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake on with Chris and now everything is all good.



    1. no Joxua, I don’t know what yah mean! There are other ways of settling disputes and “slapping a bitch” is definitely not the way. Maybe if we all used our big boy and big girl words we would all be okay! But I think Chris has some daddy issues. NA MEAN?lol u a mess


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