Month: October 2013

The Hough Chronicles: Outraged about being Outraged

The Hough Chronicles: Outraged about being Outraged

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Julienne Hough’s Offensive Halloween Costume

Julienne Hough's Offensive Halloween Costume

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JonBenet Ramsey: Why are Americans obsessed?

JonBenet Ramsey: why are americans obsessed

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The NRA Can Kick Rocks

The NRA Calls for Armed Teachers in Response to Nevada School Shooting

There has been yet another school shooting that ended in two deaths and two seriously injured at a Nevada middle school. This particular school shooting was out of the ordinary as fellow students proclaimed how the shooter was a “good student.” No one would have suspected that he would have brought a firearm from home to shoot himself and others.

 NRA Geniuses (Sarcasm)

Now that the country has seen these school shootings one too many times, the Gun control debate sparks new theories about protecting ourselves and youths. I try to stay neutral about gun control, but there is no way I can at this time. The NRA states that the recent shooting is an indication that teachers should be armed in the classroom.

Armed Teachers? Oh Hell Naw!

I know many educators, and while most of them are very smart and patient individuals, there are some who are capable of pulling a George Zimmerman. If the student appears to be a threat, who is stopping the teacher from putting two in the chest and claiming that he stood his ground. I would not want my child to be in a classroom with an armed teacher. The NRA gets nuttier every time there is an incident involving children and guns.