Rihanna Pour It Up Video

Rihanna Pour It Up Video

I really loved Rihanna’s song Pour It Up, as it’s very catchy and gets you in the mood to go out and party hard with your girls. If I wouldn’t have seen this damn video I would still love it, but now everything is ruined. Thanks Ri-Ri

Yes the song is about money, but why does it have to be about stripping and Rihanna grinding and shaking her vagina on the floor, on a throne, on a pole, and in some water? There was no purpose for the video but ass shaking and throwing around money.

Okay, so maybe I’m throwing a little shaderade Rihanna’s way so let me say this, she has a remarkable body. If I liked one thing about the video, it was probably the wardrobe. She is always very stylish and unique, even when she is half naked and giving her best vagina-ass wagging package.

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