Top 3 signs house wifery ain’t for you

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The top 3 signs house wifery ain’t for you

Women are multi-talented individuals who are made to manage careers and education while juggling a family. However, there are a species of women who are somewhat absent of these qualities. There are women like me who can juggle work, a doctorate program, and a family, but cleaning is often neglected and very low on my to-do list. I’ve tried to modify this many times and in each scenario, something or someone will inevitably be neglected.

The top 3 signs house wifery ain’t for you: The Flawed Domestic

Now that I am no longer working, I have started to write freelance, continue with my doctorate program, and take care of my baby/husband. The problem here is, now that I’m a house wife, I have to face the many things I am really not that great at and it can be depressing. Before becoming a house wife, check out some of the top 3 signs that it just ain’t for you.

1. You wash your family’s clothes, forget about them for days, and they start growing mildew. Yeah, I have done this. Actually, my husband told me this  morning. lol

2. You quickly throw the dishes in the dish washer, and forget to turn it on. Another scenario is you turn on the dish washer without putting any detergent or cleaning liquid in the machine, so the dishes are still dirty when its time to eat.

3. You forget that you are still someone’s wife and think its okay to look like a hot mess all day long. I admit, sometimes I stay in my pajamas the whole day. What else should I wear around my own place, a damn business suit? What the hell ever.

Thank you for reading The top 3 signs house wifery ain’t for you.



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