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Top 5 signs you have the worst neighbors of all time

bad neighbors, top 5 signs, lifestyle, listWhen you live in apartment homes, it is pertinent for you to be considerate of your neighbors, and it’s recommended that you get to know who you’re living among. However, there are just some neighbors that you will never, EVER, get to know because they are ignorant and insane.

Check out the top 5 signs you have the worst neighbors of all time.

  1. The tenants next door seem to purposely have domestic altercations right in front of your door.
  2. The tenants above stay up every night until 1 am playing FIFA like a bunch of kids while their dog continuously barks and jumps on the floor.
  3. You are privy to your neighbor’s cheating boyfriend and their relationship problems even though you’ve never spoke.
  4. You wake up one morning to find your front door egged and the area around your door has an assey-egg odor.
  5. Your next door neighbors figure it’s a good idea to put their old war torn, paint-chipped dinning room table outside on the adjoining porch, then ask if you want to purchase it.

It’s sad to admit that these happen at my place regularly. The baby daddy and his mistresses calling his phone is just the start of it. Things have continued to escalate since we moved in. Maybe it’s time to start house hunting.

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      1. I actually broke my last lease due to psychotic and loud neighbors! The new place has it’s issues but it’s a walk in the park compared to the last place. At least now I can close the windows and get peace. Yep crazy people are everywhere with no dignity or sense of shame. I can’t wait for the day I move into a house with a yard surrounding me lol I like this blog so much I added it to my blogroll.


  1. Haha I had to laugh! I feel your pain! I know the personal lives of a few neighbours even though I have barely said hello, I have nicknames for some due to dirty laundry and everything being aired. Welcome to apartment living! In an old place I lived at there was a resident pervert who accost any female on the way to car or mailbox, well that caused one to make sure the coast is clear before dashing outside to do buisness. I tick all of the 5 boxes and then some! I have decided to view such behaviour as part of learning about the human condition. Great post.


    1. Exactly, I didn’t know that there were so many disturbed people. It’s like you wonder why these people don’t have a problem looking like fools to other people. I just don’t understand. I want to move and we just got here. Goodness it is really time to start house hunting. Id hate to break a lease but Im tired of this shyt. lol


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