FIFA Chronicles: Rudest Neighbors of All Time

Four LocoIt is Friday night and the second floor FIFA crowd has gathered to piss me off once again. I think I have drank enough of this Four Loco to go up there and ask nasty-nicely if they could stop scaring the shyt out of my 1 year old with all that damn noise screaming and jumping.

Dranking Etiquette

I have been in college before, so I understand partying, drinking, and being put out of places from vomiting excessively. However, I never exhibited such behavior within an apartment community where there is nowhere to escape the annoying disturbances. At least have a little dranking etiquette!

What the Fck is a damn FIFA?

I’m okay with the partying, but shyt, if they wanted to jump up and down in a second floor apartment, they should play their fukn FIFA game some where else. I know about the FIFA game because the police officer my husband called the last time said that’s what the idiots upstairs were playing until 1am. I still haven’t cared much to Google what it is, but it these grown azz men are hooting and hollering like some elementary school children. Oh, I forgot to add that this is a daily occurrence.



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