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The NRA Can Kick Rocks

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The NRA Calls for Armed Teachers in Response to Nevada School Shooting

There has been yet another school shooting that ended in two deaths and two seriously injured at a Nevada middle school. This particular school shooting was out of the ordinary as fellow students proclaimed how the shooter was a “good student.” No one would have suspected that he would have brought a firearm from home to shoot himself and others.

 NRA Geniuses (Sarcasm)

Now that the country has seen these school shootings one too many times, the Gun control debate sparks new theories about protecting ourselves and youths. I try to stay neutral about gun control, but there is no way I can at this time. The NRA states that the recent shooting is an indication that teachers should be armed in the classroom.

Armed Teachers? Oh Hell Naw!

I know many educators, and while most of them are very smart and patient individuals, there are some who are capable of pulling a George Zimmerman. If the student appears to be a threat, who is stopping the teacher from putting two in the chest and claiming that he stood his ground. I would not want my child to be in a classroom with an armed teacher. The NRA gets nuttier every time there is an incident involving children and guns.


  1. “Armed Teachers? Oh Hell Naw!”

    I know it doesn’t make any sense. We guard our money in banks with armed guards, and when the Brinks truck pulls up in front of big store to collect the daily cash I am pretty sure the Brinks guys have guns. Our local state capital in Texas has armed guards. Congress has them. Important people have them. The President has a lot of them.

    Those are all important things we agree need to be guarded with guns. Especially the money.

    But kids? It might scare them. They are not as important as money or important people of Congress-Critters. They’re just cute adorable little kids. Unthinkable to protect them. Nope, send the guards to protect our money.


    1. I am not opposed to armed guards patrolling school campuses, but I was addressing armed teachers. There are many districts that have their own police officers. But I’m not comfortable with a teacher packing, thats my opinion and sticking to it. Let the teachers safe guard the kids’ minds and police to safeguard their physical well-being.

      And I do agree that protecting our children is sometimes last on the government’s to-do list. I used to work for Childrens Protective Services, and in Texas, the government never wanted to invest more funds into the child welfare system in order to pay the social workers for the mountain of work they do. It is evident that more money was invested in other areas instead of the children…but they are our future right…, wrong! I don’t understand why there isn’t more money invested into education and protecting out children. Its crazy!

      Thank you for stopping by to address these important issues. Hopefully one day we will be able to send our children to school without worrying about mass killings and suicide.

      1. “I was addressing armed teachers.”

        We have at least one school (and several other thinking about it) in Texas where a teacher can get a concealed carry license and if the principal approves, carry concealed in school. Has worked just fine for a couple years now.

        My teaches very young kids with issues like ADHD and she says they could hide in a closet and keep quiet if needed. She will consider getting a concealed carry license if her district decides to go that way too.

        When concealed carry came to Texas over a decade ago some people said that “blood would run in the streets.” Needless to say their fears didn’t come true. Think same thing would be in schools if allowed.

        ” I don’t understand why there isn’t more money invested into education and protecting out children.”

        Well for protecting our children we have actually good ways to do that. Let teachers qualify and carry in school. As to investing in education we probably spend way too much on it now for the results we get. We don’t need more money for schools. We need to reform (or better yet) or close our public schools and give kids vouchers to go to good schools.

        They had some good charter schools I think in Washington, D.C. for inner city kids but Obama pretty much shut that down. The teacher unions are important campaign contributors.

        “Its crazy!”

        You’re right on that. We have a whole lot of government programs that any rational person would see are monumental failures, but instead of shutting them down we end up paying (or borrowing) more money for them.



  2. I remember my high school days, and let me just say that if any of my teachers had a gun, there would have been plenty of shootings. lol but we will agree to disagree. And I don’t agree with everything Obama has done, but he is still my imaginary baby daddy! lol

  3. No logical conclusion to this one. Give guns to teachers. If one of them goes bad, post armed guards. If one of them goes bad, give guns to kids. If kids start shooting, give guns to parents. If a parent shoots….

    1. “Give guns to teachers. If one of them goes bad, post armed guards…”

      Police have guns and they are humans being as fallible as any. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


      1. I just can’t endorse teachers having firearms in school. Thats going a little too far for me. I’m thinking many parents are all for having medal detectors and police officers to protect their children, but teachers…naw. And Texas is an entirely different place from the rest of the country. I’m from Texas! They also allow people to be armed while drinking in a bar. Not the best place to be armed. Everything isn’t solved with EVERYONE having a gun. My opinion and I’m sticking to it. But I respect your insight into the matter.

  4. “And Texas is an entirely different place from the rest of the country. I’m from Texas! They also allow people to be armed while drinking in a bar.”

    I have a concealed carry license in Texas and if an establishment derives over 51% of their revenue from serving alcohol (a bar) then you cannot carry a concealed gun into that establishment, legally.

    There is no allowance in the concealed carry ordinance in Texas that allows you to carry and drink.


  5. ” Everything isn’t solved with EVERYONE having a gun.”

    Define “solved”? No, whatever the underlying problem is won’t be solved by having guns in schools, however if those guns are in the hands of good people in schools you have a lot better chance of the kids still being alive at the end of the day.


    1. defined a good person??? What about that very annoying kid you had enough of, on top of the issues you deal with outside of school and that “good” teacher goes postal? she was a good teacher but went postal…..so we cannot determine who is good and who is bad. i do not care how many mental, physical emotional spiritual test you give a person they can pass all of them and still be a person that can harm.

  6. “I just can’t endorse teachers having firearms in school.”

    Harrold, Texas has been doing it for a couple years now without problems. Just to be sure we’re clear about this, these are concealed and no student (or even other teacher) knows who is carrying and who is not.


    1. Respectfully, Im not a proponent of teachers carrying guns in the classroom. It doesn’t matter who does it. And as I’ve said before, Texas has an entirely different subculture going. I know, I lived there for 29 years. People in Texas are on some other shyt all together. Love my fellow Texanz, but sometimes I’m embarrassed by their politics and politicians. This wont change my opinion, so we can go back and forth all day long and at the end of today, I’m gonna be me and think what I want and how I want. You can do the same. I think differing opinions and discussions are great, it should not be used for the purpose of persuasion. I’m stubborn and I see that you are too. So lets just agree to disagree. Great discussion.

  7. ” I think differing opinions and discussions are great, it should not be used for the purpose of persuasion.”

    That is the whole purpose of communication – to persuade people by facts instead of hitting them upside the head.

    What was Dr. Martin Luther King doing when he was speaking at that rally in Washington (which I saw live on a black and white TV, by the way)? That was his “I Have A Dream Speech.”

    He was trying to persuade people to change their views. He was trying to persuade. He knew some people had different opinions than he did and he was trying to change them.

    That is a good thing.

    The problem was with some people who did not want their opinions changed.

    Life is all about change. The only ones that don’t change are the dead.



      1. Well I am glad that you took the time to write such a long response to my opinion. But I again just want to say that I respect you and your opinion, we just don’t hold the same opinions, which is totally okay.

        Most of the time when people get a certain age, they are set in their ways and have deep rooted beliefs. I am one of those people. I don’t agree that Teachers should be armed in the classroom. I don’t think its right for parents not knowing that the teacher is armed, and I think many parents will understand my thoughts on this. Doesn’t mean you have to agree, it means that my child will not attend any school where this is acceptable. Thanks for the discussion! If others are ok with this then thats their choice.

  8. ” I don’t think its right for parents not knowing that the teacher is armed, and I think many parents will understand my thoughts on this.”

    That suggests an interesting experiment. I totally favor school choice. Select an area and give all parents a voucher to take to whichever school they want. Let one school say we are a “gun free school zone” and we refuse to protect your children from armed predators. Let another school say, “Yes, we have armed and trained people in our school to protect your children from dangerous predators.”

    It would be interesting to see how that worked out, especially after the first couple of kids get killed in the first school.



      1. Oregon School District Removes Ban On Armed Teachers

        27 Sunday Oct 2013

        A ban on armed school employees was lifted by the St. Helens school board in Oregon this week, following a 4-to-1 vote during a district meeting Wednesday.

        Last March, school employees including volunteers and contractors were banned from bringing licensed and concealed firearms onto school property. Now, with the ban removed, members of the community are taking sides, with some even offering free training to eligible teachers.


        Note the “4-to-1” vote in favor.


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