Top 4 Tools for Scandal Thursdays

Top 4 Tools for Scandal Thursdays

Top 4 Tools for Scandal Thursdays

Check out the top 4 essential tools for Scandal Thursdays. Don’t worry, it comes on late as hell so you have enough time to get your shyt together.

1. DVR:

In California, Scandal airs at 10pm. Damn! Well, for those who like to rush through the annoying commercials, wait an hour and watch at 11pm. I know it’s hard to wait another hour after waiting a week to be dazzled by the genius of Scandal, but everyone knows that commercials are totally ignored during this show.

2. Alcohol:

Whatever your preference, get a little liquored up before, during, and after Scandal. I find that when alcohol is involved, I feel more a part of the series, like I’m Olivia walking around feeling like “bitches, the President loves this shit.”

3. Stubborn Significant Other:

Got a man/woman who can’t stand Scandal? Well you must tell him or her all about it while pissy drunk. It would be absolutely wonderful to have a spouse that loves watching Scandal, but my husband is this “black power” southern man who doesn’t like the idea of a black powerful woman being ate out by the white President of the United States in the kitchen of the White House. Personally, I think it is sexy as hell.

4. Girl friends:

Women already know that after Scandal, if they not already at your house, your girl friends are the perfect people to scream and laugh to about the nonsense that is the First Lady and the steamy passion between Fitzlivia. There are always unanswered questions that need addressing, your girl friends understand.



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