Julienne Hough’s Offensive Halloween Costume

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Julienne Hough's Offensive Halloween Costume

Julienne Hough’s Offensive Halloween Costume

Offensive? No

Does she look like an idiot? Yes

Lets set some things straight. I don’t appreciate the media creating false outrage over this Hough I didn’t know existed until today. She said that she wanted to portray Crazy Eyes from the show Orange is the New Black. I can see some older African American people being a tad offended, but there is no outrage.

The media is reporting that Hough apologized for her choice in Halloween costume because so many people were offended. Offended my azz! Look at this damn fool in this picture. Who can be outraged after seeing such a ridiculous portrayal of an African American person. Any how, have we forgotten the movie White Girls? I’m not outraged with Hough! Are you? Let’s just leave this Hough alone.


    1. Well, the media is making it bigger than what it is. There is nothing offensive about her choice of Halloween costume. I think she looks like a retard and she didn’t really understand what painting herself brown would portray to some in the US. but I think she has the right to look as ridiculous as she wants on Halloween. Not everything is offensive to African American people and I wish people would get that. The media does not speak for African American people as a whole and its getting annoying that people think this is our stance regarding this Hough and her costume choices. lol gosh i love her last name.

    1. lol she was trying to portray Crazy Eyes from Orange is the new Black series. lol it was an epic fail but the media is trying to say that there are so many African American people offended by her costume. I’m not offended and mostly those I know don’t even care, so its like I’m questioning whether the media is making a fire storm about something for nothing.

  1. Can’t say that I’m offended by that either. She looks like a H.A.M. to me. Then again, I don’t watch that show, so I would have had no idea of what she was trying to accomplish without the narrative from the media. You’d think that someone with a bit of money would have a much better costume than that though.

    1. Well, she has a right to be whatever or whoever she wants for Halloween. I don’t have a problem with her choice. I have a problem with the media stating that African Americans are outraged.I can’t speak for all black people, but I know myself and those who I interact with could care less. This is like the last thing people are worrying about.

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