The Hough Chronicles: Outraged about being Outraged

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The Hough Chronicles: Outraged about being Outraged

The Hough Chronicles: Outraged about being Outraged

After posting my piece on Julienne Hough, I conducted a little research into the matter because I wasn’t sure why people thought African Americans were outraged by her costume. I referred to to chat with the followers who commented on Hough’s costume and the supposed outrage. What I found was shocking! There were non-black people who were beyond outraged about African American people being allegedly outraged. lol

“it’s a shame that the blacks are always crying about racism and how hard they have it.”

Now, as I have asked in a comment before, why are people allowing to speak for African Americans as a whole. I’m not outraged, and neither were any of the black people on the site. However I noticed a trend that rubbed me the wrong way. African American people are viewed as a collective instead of individualized like other races; meaning despite how hard I’ve worked and what I have achieved, I will always be placed in a collective among others.

 “blacks always have their hands out and blame ‘the man’ for their problems.”

Wow. So, because stated that black people were outraged and offended by Hough’s Halloween costume, that must also mean that we are overly sensitive scrubs who refuse to take responsibility for our problems.

  • First of all, does not represent all black people. It is reasonable to assume that many black people could care less about this Hough and her costume. There are too many things going on in the world.
  • Second of all, all black people do not have their hand out begging for shyt. We are not all on government assistance and uneducated. My entire family is full of college educated people who have NEVER taken any money from the government.
  • Furthermore, African American people are not the only people who accept government assistance. I understand that people get caught up in the media and they portray us as the poster children of welfare, but that’s just not the case.

It is imperative for all Americans and the media to understand that by placing everyone of a certain skin color in one group disparages the achievements reached by so many. We are a community, but we are a very diverse community that has different values and beliefs.

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