Relationship with a crazy person

Relationship with a crazy person

Relationship with a crazy person

I was once in a relationship with a crazy person. What did I inherit with my troubled relationship? I got dragged by my arm out of my house and subjected to verbal abuse. I had just graduated from high school and started working at a retail store for the Summer before college in the Fall.

This individual had an anger problem and was very possessive. He wasn’t planning on attending college and he wasn’t an advocate of me going off to college either. No matter how in-love I was at that time, no one would stand in my way of furthering my education. These days, you can’t get a good job without at least one degree. Now I have two and working on the third. You can’t accomplish anything when you are in such a relationship. Its just not feasible.

This was the hardest break up ever, but I was so relieved to get away from the constant accusations that I was cheating while working. Yes yall, he didn’t even want me work! I thought about how my life would look if I didn’t leave for college. I would be this jobless, uneducated, housewife with multiple kids and no way to support them. Just thinking back!!

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  1. Once in college. I dated a boy (not a man) who was also in college. I adored his looks, but his character not so much. When we would have a disagreement (which was rather often), he would raise his hand threateningly at me and I would run as quickly as I could to a safe place in the dorm where we were. Once we had a disagreement and he knelt down in front of me and wanted me to hit him. Obviously he had lots of issues to sort out, and so did I. We broke up when I moved away and just before I left, all his friends came up to me and said that I was much better off without him making me wonder then and now, what was I thinking at the time when I was dating him. Lessons learned, my friend.


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