Politics and Crime: Renisha McBride Shooting Justification for Murder?

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                                Renisha McBride Shooting Justification for Murder?

Renisha McBride Shooting Justification for Murder?

Yesterday, the homeowner who fatally shot Renisha McBride claimed the shooting was accidental. Previous to this declaration, it was reported the home owner’s justification was the Stand Your Ground law when the injured woman sought assistance at his Dearborn Heights, MI home. This case is similar to Trayvon Martin’s case as it questions the rights of young black people. Did Trayvon have the right to stand his ground? Instead he was fatally shot in the chest by a fake cop with a record of domestic violence, anger issues, and racial hatred.

 The Stand Your Ground Law means that I can murder you if I get scared.

Similar to the circumstances in the Trayvon Martin case, the police proclaim no reason to arrest the shooter due to the Stand Your Ground law. People with common sense are wondering exactly how is this incident standing your ground? Renisha was not prowling in the back yard or looking inside the windows on the side of his home; she was at the front door and he opened it. If you are scared, why would you open the door? Was he standing his ground by opening the door and shooting Renisha while outside his home? Now that the shooter has changed his justification to an accidental shooting, why is he not in jail?

…what is your first reaction? If it’s to blow her face off maybe you have some unconscious hatred buried deep down in your soul.

If an African American woman knocks on your door at 1 AM, what is your first reaction? If it’s to blow her face off maybe you have some unconscious hatred buried deep down in your soul. No matter what race you are, you have to ask yourself whether you would have shot a young white woman in the face for seeking help. However, we don’t have all the information pending the ongoing investigation, but instead of thinking that the outraged family and friends are race bating, what other reason would she be dead right now? This law has to change or else more people will be murdered under the ruse of “I was scared.”


  1. I would love to have a discussion on this issue! feel free to give your opinion and it will be respected. This is something society my talk about in order to get through chaos.

  2. I’m trying to reserve judgement on this one, but when the story changes this much this fast, there’s usually something being covered up. In regards to Trayvon, I knew from the outset that his killer would go free based on how loosely the laws are in Florida. I’m starting to read up on Michigan law, so I’ll have to see how much wiggle room the shooter has here.

    Either way, we live in a truly messed up society when we’ve been reduced to shooting people as a first response to anything.

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