Sharon Osbourne wages war with “The View”

Sharon Osbourne wages war with "The View"

Sharon Osbourne wages war with “The View

Sharon Osbourne is a bonifide btch! She dropped a couple of f-bombs when asked her opinion of “The View” on Arsenio Hall’s television show last night. Osbourne stated that she idolizes Barbara Walters, but the other hosts of the show can go and f- themselves.

No Sharon, you go f-yourself and the broom your azz rode in on.

“The View” has definitely ruffled people’s feathers with the political views of each host, but is it not their jobs to challenge the world around them? Sharon has not given a reason for her statement, but maybe a publicity stunt is the answer for her lack of professionalism. Sharon at least has someone in her corner; Jenny McCarthy stated that Sharon is the sweetest person and a good friend, but she doesn’t know what her intentions were with her recent statements.

No this bitch did not just diss Whoopi!

Sharon Osbourne is a riot wherever she goes, but telling Whoopi Goldberg to go f-herself will not help her cause. Whoopi is probably going smooth off about the comments as she has never made any public remarks about Osbourne and her crappy little show.

The gauntlet has dropped. This means war!


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