Insane Politics: Britney Murphy poisoned by Homeland Security?

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Britney Murphy poisoned by Homeland Security?
Britney Murphy poisoned by Homeland Security?

Britney Murphy poisoned by Homeland Security? According to the U.K Daily Mail Online, today Britney Murphy’s death was revisited by her 82 year old father, Angelo Bertolloti,who alleges that her death was orchestrated by Homeland Security,

Before her unexpected death, Murphy was extremely ill with pneumonia and failed to seek medical attention in time to preserve her life. Conclusively, the Corona ruled her death as natural causes and closed the case.

Bertolotti was unsatisfied with the coroner’s determination and hired an independent examination of Murphy’s body. There was a difference between each coroner’s reports, revealing the presence of a substantial amount of toxins in her hair. The contractor suggested the death was attributed to persistent exposure to mold. The findings of the independent examination would have explained the tragic death of Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, who also died of natural causes only a few months after her death.

Bertolotti continues his search for answers regarding his daughter’s death, but now his allegations border on paranoia instead of a father in emotional distress. Murphy’s father is now alleging that the government poisoned Murphy and her husband due to their support of a whistle blower, Julia Davis, who revealed that the Department of Homeland Security were failing to protect the United States from terrorists through inefficient border security.

Bertolotti alleges that Julia Davis’s contacts were being spied upon, which included Murphy and Monjack who were in the process of writing a book to uncover the government conspiracy. Does this story sound unbelievable, that of all the conspiracy theorists, the government would murder two insignificant actors? It seems that the best explanation for her death is prolonged exposure to mold, but the death of a child can leave parents in a state of disrepair.


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