Herpes Exam Will Cause Problems in Relationship

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I don’t need a free Herpes exam because it will cause problems in my relationship.

Life is a damn circus and I find that you don’t have to travel far to find circus acts because they are right in your backyard. I was interviewing a nurse today, and she told me about a situation in which a woman and her boyfriend were at the doctor’s office for an unpleasant and still unidentified infection.

She was all too excited to tell everyone in the waiting area  that her piercings, down there, were infected and she had to take them out. ( Getting a visualization?) She also notified everyone that her boyfriend, who accompanied her to the doctor, had the infection first; despite the infection, the couple claimed they couldn’t stop having sex, even knowing that he had an infection…down there.

The nurse recommended a Herpes and other STD screening, but this heifer said..” My n*gga is faithful, (they were a white couple…lmao) plus that will cause problems in my relationship.” So, you would rather walk around with Herpes instead of blaming the unfaithful person who infected you…life is a damn circus yall!!


  1. i wish it were! I laughed so hard when the nurse told me this. Like really? You gonna walk around itching and burning because you don’t want to expose your partner for his cheating? Life is a damn circus and this couple is another circus act.

  2. I think people should keep their personal business to themselves in the doctor’s waiting room. I don’t think this is a spoof. This happens all the time and I hate to listen to patients’ problems and all their ailments.

    1. Its scary out there! Some people think its okay to stay ignorant in order to continue their denial. People really should wake up! There are too many diseases going around to not use SOME kind of protection.

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