Genital Mutilation in Failed Relationships

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small-penis-cartoon2No matter the reason, criticizing the penis is hitting below the belt. There are many women who use it as a weapon when the relationship fails. Let’s stop the genital mutilation tactics during crucial times in relationships; it’s a total cliche and in the end, criticizing the penis makes you look like a fool and ruins any chance of reconciliation in the future.

It’s not the size of the ocean

Let’s be real, for realz here. Weren’t you the one who bragged to your messy ass girlfriends that “It’s not the size of the ocean, but the motion of the ocean..or lotion…whatever?” That was your justification for accepting a relationship with a man you loved; and with a man who wasn’t necessarily well endowed. Don’t use this flaw against lil-penis just because of bitterness, it’s the worst insult a man can hear from someone he once loved.


  1. A lot of women make themselves insensitive by masturbating with vibrators. The male penis can’t imitate that motion. I can always tell when a woman masturbates excessively because she will take my penis and press it against her clitoris against her stubble and rub her clit with it. Which feels to me like I am rubbing my dick on a cheese grater…. or Clint Eastwoods cheek. Sometimes I bite my tongue and imagine strangling her. I find myself less and less tolerant of such inconsiderateness on the part of women, though.

  2. for how long women will deny that their tunnel of love varies in size from woman to woman, just ask any guy (big or small) who likes to lick it. some are tight, some tightier and some are loose and loosier.

  3. I remember that episode. It was funny, although I did find it slightly unrealistic because he was an adult sexually active man. If his penis was so small that she couldn’t even feel it when he put it inside her, that’s a “micropenis” (a real medical condition), and there’s no way he could really be unaware that he had that problem.

    It was even funnier in a follow up episode where she dated a man whose penis was so big that they couldn’t have sex because it wouldn’t fit inside her, and Carrie said “First one was too small, now one is too big, who are you, Goldicocks?”

    1. Ha ha! yes I remember those episodes a little too well. And I didn’t know there was a real medical condition. thank goodness for penile implants..i guess! lmao

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