Kanye West in Trouble Again

Kanye West in Trouble Again

Kanye West in Trouble Again
Kanye just can’t help himself. Dumb Ass!

Kanye West in trouble again

Kanye West is in trouble again today after attacking a man hurling racial slurs at Kim Kardashian. During a visit to her local chiropractor, Kim Kardashian was swallowed with media and alleged fans while walking into the establishment. When Kim chastised a male fan for intruding her personal space, he retaliated and called her a racial slur.

Kim Kardashian’s Idiotic Response

Kim’s response was to phone her newly engaged fiancé’, Kanye West, to rescue her from the offending fan. The exact account of the assault hasn’t been reported, but Kanye was eventually arrested for misdemeanor assault. Will Kanye West ever stop these pathetic brawls with the public? It wasn’t wise on Kim’s part to call her man knowing that his altercations with public are stacking up significantly.

Public Enemy No. 1

The best solution to the problem should have involved Kim entering the establishment and ignoring the racist fan altogether. Kim should have known not to call an irrational and emotionally driven Kanye West to the altercation.



    1. Thank you! Where in the hell were their asses. Why was Kanye the only person she could call for help? I think she set his ass up. Those Kardashians are evil women with poisoned candy between their legs.


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