The Tea With Opinionated Mommy: Uneducated, But Privileged

Uneducated, But Privileged…Your tea is served…

imagesI was honored to witness a phenomenon that most people have not witnessed or choose not to witness because this discussion makes some people a little uncomfortable.

In my journey as a doctoral student I enjoy studying the minds and behaviors of individuals who I have never encountered in life. I have a firm belief that we learn from our associations with people no matter their cultural influences.

Have you ever met someone who felt as though the fortunes of life were owed to them without putting in the necessary work to fulfill what others have accomplished? We see it all the time on television, but actually witnessing the nonsense up close and personal is rather daunting.

Excuse Me While I Serve This Tea!

I have class so of course the identity of this person will remain anonymous while I proceed with this tirade that has been pooling in my entire being since our first encounter.

Due to cultural stereotypes, people may look upon me and think that I have about six kids, barely a high school education, and the recipient of food stamps. There is no offense here. I understand the hypocrisy of our country, and it has become the norm in the lives of African American women.

I am thoroughly offended when some hoe-bag who ain’t got shit to her name aim for something higher in life without sacrifice. You may have hit the “sugar daddy” lottery and had your entire life paid for with the luxuries of “the Jones”, but that doesn’t erase the reality that you maintain a hood-rat persona, despite the pigmentation of your skin.

A highly educated person, because of her race can be mistaken for a hood rat, but a bimbo living hood rich without a pot to piss in is viewed in a different light. Many might not know what it’s like being an educated African American woman living in America, but I bet its a totally different experience than what other women of differing ethnicities endure.

Before coming after the job that I have stayed in school over a decade to possess, please at least get the basic foundation first before rendering me inept. I was doing this job before you even decided that you needed that GED to possess your little $10 an hour job. I’ve broke my back, upset my family, and sacrificed the happiness of my family to possess what you think you can handle without the proper education. Please! I need some bytches to stay in their lane.


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