I’m Being Stalked By A Prospective Employer

by Illuminstrations Prints

Recently, I was looking for a career opportunity because my current position was ending. I attended many interviews and was successful with a few. However, one company became stalkerific! (I make up words)

I must admit that at first I experienced a boost of self-esteem because they seemed so eager to employ me; but that changed quickly. I was offered more time at my current employer which I agreed to. I politely explained this issue to the stalker company and I thought that would be the end of it.

I received a phone call from the director of the HR department who said that they were under the impression that I was looking for a position with their company. I politely explained the situation and thanked her for the opportunity. This became a nightmare that would never end!

HR Bitch: Well, I will have to get back with you after speaking with my people because you were chosen to be an employee.

Me: I thank you for the opportunity, but I have decided to stay with my current employer.

HR Bitch: I will get back to you after I speak with my people. (At this point I’m looking at my cell phone like…wtf)

Me: (dial tone) After this exchange, a normal company would get the message and move on to another candidate, but these people just wouldn’t give up. I was sitting in a meeting and my phone is blowing up so I excuse myself to take the call. This time there was a man on the other line who introduced himself as Dr. “so and so”, the director of…something.

Dr. Stalker: I have been told that you are declining the position.

Me: Yes, I have decided to stay with my current company, but I thank you for the offer. Dr. Stalker: Well, I am going to schedule an appointment with you for tomorrow at 9AM so I can explain more about our company and the position.

(First of all, how in the hell you scheduling meetings with me when I’ve just declined the position? Second of all, come the eff on dude!)

Me: I’m sorry but I’ve decided to remain at my current company. I am not interested in the offered position.

Dr. Stalker: If you would just take the time to hear us out maybe you will change your mind. We have been in business for ten years and we can talk compensation.




  1. I guess you can’t help it if you’re just so desirable, huh? Remind me to never offer you a job. LOL!!!!

    On a serious note, I couldn’t begin to understand that. I’ve been responsible for HR before, and I would have given you the peace sign as soon as you said you were staying at your current job. It seems like they have nobody else applying for that position. It may have been a huge blessing to get more time with your current employer.


    1. Lmao! You have be laughing over here.

      And yes, it was a huge blessing that I was offered a full time position. I never like burning bridges with employers, but when I declined professionally and was honest about the reason for declining the position, it was like they refused to take no for an answer.

      And usually, when you inform HR of your intention they do just move on to another candidate so this was rather off. lol


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