Month: June 2014

Go Back To Your Country…N-Word!


Ok, ok! Here we go again! Racism in its most modern and blatant form. Do some adults fail to understand that whatever is caught on a video phone will inevitably go viral if its offensive enough? Can’t say that I was surprised by this video, especially after the previous one last week. Do they not understand, using the n-word just makes you look ridiculous.

I don’t know about other African Americans, but I don’t have another country to go back to. So when you’re white and you make this demand, you’re just really telling me to return to Texas with my fellow Texans. This is a nation of immigrants and descendants of slaves b*tch, you need to read a book!

To be fair, I don’t agree with the chick, apparently an adolescent, following the evil crow around, and that is the only relief this creature of the devil will get from me. I want this n-word menace to be utterly humiliated on social media and around the world. Can you make that happen! Share this story on your own blogs!

Officially the circus act of the day!




Gender Politics: Famous Titties versus Mommy Titties

Public Tits vs. Breast Feeding Tits

Famous Titties versus Mommy Titties

The internet has been raging about the scandalous, yet illustrious red-carpet gown worn by Rih Rih, our R&B princess. I must admit that she is one of my favorite artists so this had absolutely nothing to do with her scantily fashionable faux pas. The hypocrisy here is the growing population of men and women who glamorize famous titties, but criticize motherly titties. I am so sick of people saying things like:

  • “why can the baby wait to eat when the mother gets home?” (Well, the problem here is, when a baby is hungry, you want to nourish your child immediately, so screw you and your ignorance with a cocaine laced dildo.)
  • “no one wants to see that.” (But it was quite okay for Rhi Rhi to put her tits and azz on display for the entire world to observe and rejoice.)

At the end of the day, fu#k all hypocrites and stop giving moms a hard azz time for feeding an infant in public when breasts and vaginas are all over the damn place.

Race Issues: My Cousin is Black!

Initial Version

The Crackhead’s Version

This idiot admitted to being Bipolar and confessed that “they” are trying to take her kids, oh and…her COUSIN is black. Well, let me tell you something lady, your black cousin knows exactly how you feel about her/him, and will hopefully confront your Bipolar azz before Children’s Services returns your kids.

Let us give her the benefit of the doubt and he actually did call her a…white cracker/ crackhead stripper (lmmfao), he would be soooo wrong for that. I don’t condone racism in no way, shape, or form.

However, if we really think about the entire ordeal, who seems more credible? The sinister n-word who aggressively started the ignition of his car, or the bipolar chick with the stringy black hair who has problems with Children’s Services?

Politics and Race: Starting Your Car While Black?

Your Tea Is Served…

I would like to make an announcement! Next time a Republican or some sheltered azzhole proclaims that racism is dead, tell them to go and fu*k themselves with a spiked stiletto. Now, we have all had our racist moments. Maybe we’ve had thoughts that were totally inappropriate, or joked with our friends behind closed doors, but this bytch here takes the cake.

Apparently, the “black menace” started his huge car and scared her and her children. Now, is it me or does this sound a little mentally illish (I make up words)? If your kids aren’t used to a car starting, then something is particularly off with your parenting skills. Even if the the “black evil car villain” actually scared your children with his automobile, that was invented in the 1880’s, why would you proceed to call him a n#gger and call your husband to come and whoop his azz?

But I Have Black Friends…not anymore!

I don’t know about you, but I get a little rattled by motorcycles! Now, do I look at the race of the driver and proceed to call him/her every racial epithet ever invented? No! I respond with “oh sh#t.” That’s the normal response!! I’m glad this video has gone viral because this is the same biotch who claims, “I’m not racist, I have black friends.” Well not anymore you stank biotch! Those black friends bout to f#ck you up!