Politics and Race: Starting Your Car While Black?

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Your Tea Is Served…

I would like to make an announcement! Next time a Republican or some sheltered azzhole proclaims that racism is dead, tell them to go and fu*k themselves with a spiked stiletto. Now, we have all had our racist moments. Maybe we’ve had thoughts that were totally inappropriate, or joked with our friends behind closed doors, but this bytch here takes the cake.

Apparently, the “black menace” started his huge car and scared her and her children. Now, is it me or does this sound a little mentally illish (I make up words)? If your kids aren’t used to a car starting, then something is particularly off with your parenting skills. Even if the the “black evil car villain” actually scared your children with his automobile, that was invented in the 1880’s, why would you proceed to call him a n#gger and call your husband to come and whoop his azz?

But I Have Black Friends…not anymore!

I don’t know about you, but I get a little rattled by motorcycles! Now, do I look at the race of the driver and proceed to call him/her every racial epithet ever invented? No! I respond with “oh sh#t.” That’s the normal response!! I’m glad this video has gone viral because this is the same biotch who claims, “I’m not racist, I have black friends.” Well not anymore you stank biotch! Those black friends bout to f#ck you up!


  1. I live on Long Island,NY and grew up in the Hudson Valley, also in NYS and this doesn’t surprise me in the least. What is also disturbing to me as a mother is she is more concerned about yelling racist slurs to this man, than concerned about what her kids were doing. And they were taking this scene all in as well. It’s very sad and disturbing to me, but again, not suprising. Where I live I have quickly learned when one asks “what is a good school district” this is AKA “I want no blacks or others around my kids”. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Whoa. That was intense. How do people end up like this? What kind of parenting is that? It is so frustrating knowing that there are people like that out there teaching their children that behaviour like that is acceptable. She is infecting them with the disease of racism that was likely passed to her in the same manner. It is so sad! I can’t believe anyone could possibly believe racism is dead- it is constantly in everyone’s face. I also don’t understand how ‘having black friends’ somehow absolves her from being racist- she is screaming racist slurs into a camera! Wtf? How are people still like this in the modern era?!?! Gaaaaahhh!!!

    1. I think it is easier to avoid that existence of racism because its easier ignore it than face the truth. She was really lucky that she wasn’t talking to some loony toon because who knows what would have happened if the man she was yelling at had some mental issues. That would have been a sad day for her and her children. I’m glad the man handled in a nonviolent way, but outed her ass on social media. Think that was the best thing that happened to her in response for her behavior.

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