Obsessed With a High Functioning Sociopath?

Obsessed with a highly functioning sociopath?

Does it surprise you that I have a rather shallow and artificial addiction to a high functioning sociopath. (I’m not the fan that attends book signings or write fan mail; I just don’t have the motivation for all that) But a girl can inform her readers about how awesome this show was. You can check it out on Netflex and Amazon.

Where can I find another epic psychological drama?

Although the television show Sherlock has concluded after three years of closely examining every miniacle case and utter annoyances experienced by the character played by my artificial boyfriend, Benedict Cumberbatch, I have decided that nothing has taken its place to fill the void that is my need for an epic psychological drama.

Sherlock’s Most Famous Quotes (Per the BBC series)

  • “Boring! Good bye!”
  • “I’m not a psychopath…I’m a high functioning sociopath; do the research”
  • “I assumed you didn’t scrub your floors by the state of her knees…”(priceless)
  • “shut up”
  • “This involves a serial killer, there’s always something to look forward to.”
  • Prospective Client: “I think my husband is having an affair!” Sherlock: “Yes”
  • “Anderson, don’t talk out loud you lower the IQ of the entire street.”
  • “Of course I’m a show off, that’s what we do.”


      1. That is so true! I feel disappointed every time I watch television now. Curse my teenage son for hooking me on Sherlock and forever ruining me for other shows!


  1. I’ve enjoyed this show…wish there were more episodes to a “season”! I’ve also enjoyed an American modern version…”Elementary” with the additional twist of making Watson a female.


    1. The seasons were a little too short for my taste, even though one episode is longer than US shows. I started off watching Elementary, but for some reason I just stopped watching. If I see that its on the DVR I’ll watch it, if not, there is no interest anymore. Sigh…where are all the good shows?


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