Blue IVY Carter Hair Petition


I would never publicly criticize a child’s parents, and nor do I believe that starting a petition to demand parents to comb a child’s hair is appropriate. But since I am a woman with a small child with thick natural hair, I’m not understanding why they just don’t put it in a pony tail. Blue IV is a beautiful baby and she is always looking gorgeous, but I do notice that her hair be looking a hot sh*tty mess.

I understand that babies hate having their hair combed, but she has to get used to it. You must keep it moisturized so that when you brush her hair it won’t be such a painful process. I haven’t cut my son’s hair yet, so he walks around with an Afro sometimes. Most of the time we just put in one pony tail. Yes my child squirms and puts his hand in the way, but I just continue brushing it until it looks manageable.

I’m a first time mom so I understand what Beyonce is going through. Although I do think more should be done with her hair, at the end of the day, Blue IV is not my child. And in this case, it is important that this ridiculous petition be put to bed immediately. Not only is it a waist of time, but it is very hurtful to a mother.  So, my clowns visiting the circus, encourage those idiots to take that sh*t down!



    1. Well I was torn at first. She is a public figure. And if you think about it, Beyonce spends thousands of dollars in hair, you would think she would at least comb her hair before they go out in public. Now I don’t agree with the petition, if they want her to look a mess then thats their business, but no petition should have been started. I got a good laugh out of seeing the baby hair a mess, but a petition is going too damn far.


      1. Im a realist. When a power couple has kids, there will always be scrutiny. It may seem stupid to us, but those in the media have to eat too. Its a dog eat dog world, and celebrities and their children are apart of the media. Still against the petition, but comb the damn girl hair. That’s how I feel. They have to be realistic about the life they chose for themselves and their child.


  1. What!? This is the first I’m seeing this- a petition to comb someone’s hair? Really? Who has time for this? It is one hundred percent their decision to comb or not comb their child’s hair. (That being said, if she were my daughter, I would comb her hair lol).


  2. Very good post!! I had no idea that there was a petition! One of my daughters has wild hair and it really doesn’t matter if I brush it – it just sort of jumps back to craziness within minutes so I really don’t want this petition thing to catch on…
    : ) I agree with you that people should be less judge-y about other people’s kids in general and wrote a little post on the topic a while back.
    Here it is in case you’re interested:


  3. Right?!? I wondered about the child’s hair…I’ve been a Blue Ivy fan since the first Tumblr pics. Honestly, I actually only first signed up for Tumblr in order to “like” her baby pictures. But yes, I am disappointed that she stays looking like a wild child. I guess the thinking might be that she will have the rest of her life to do hair, and we know her parents are busy, but sometimes I have to wonder if her hair is even healthy or moisturized. Her grandmother owned a beauty salon. Her mother is an entertainer. Black people are not new to the hair strategy; it is a marker of our people that we love to do our hair, and sisters will be scolded if we don’t take that time. That is nothing new under the sun with Black people…it’s like French people with their wine. So there should be no surprise that a hoard of Black women are asking and saying what all of us have had to hear in church, before school, after school, at the end of every day…Fix your hair. It would be nice to see that baby in some fresh ponytails or cornrows!


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