Dranking Watermelon?

Dranking Watermelon

Did you guys know what “dranking watermelon” really meant in Beyonce’s song? Raise your hand if you thought Beyonce was singing about drinking a fruity alcoholic beverage in her lyrics “I be dranking, watermelon.” I promise I thought this was a watermelon margarita, or some expensive drink that celebrities drink all the time while chilling on the beach. Never thought it was this nasty!



    1. Lol its from her drunken love song. Its a good song, but I felt like an idiot when someone told me what it meant. I’d been singing the crap out of the song, and it turns out im singing about dranking semen, how disgusted I felt lol


  1. Hi. Thank you for following my blog! I hope you will visit often and feel welcome. It’s a mishmash but I have fun with it. and next time my husband does his little dance about, watermelon, I’ll tell him what I usually tell him. No. and follow with, if men could do it for themselves, they’d never leave the house.


  2. Beyonce drinks semen? This is a revelation! Never heard the song and don’t think I ever will. Beyonce sperm eater. Now theres an image.


  3. Me too… I was singing that part… one day my brother called me while intoxicated and a I said to him “you been drinking watermelon” halfway singing and he was like ugghhhh you are disgusting. … I dumbfounded, like #what??!! What I say? ?” He went on to explain the true meaning of this watermelon drinking and I just hung up in shame… Beyoncé can’t be putting thing in her songs and the blasting it in every station. .. my little niece’s were singing it and everything. … no clue


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