Go Back To Your Country…N-Word!

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Ok, ok! Here we go again! Racism in its most modern and blatant form. Do some adults fail to understand that whatever is caught on a video phone will inevitably go viral if its offensive enough? Can’t say that I was surprised by this video, especially after the previous one last week. Do they not understand, using the n-word just makes you look ridiculous.

I don’t know about other African Americans, but I don’t have another country to go back to. So when you’re white and you make this demand, you’re just really telling me to return to Texas with my fellow Texans. This is a nation of immigrants and descendants of slaves b*tch, you need to read a book!

To be fair, I don’t agree with the chick, apparently an adolescent, following the evil crow around, and that is the only relief this creature of the devil will get from me. I want this n-word menace to be utterly humiliated on social media and around the world. Can you make that happen! Share this story on your own blogs!

Officially the circus act of the day!




  1. Oh, gosh! I hesitated to press like…an appreciation button would be more helpful. Be more helpful to explore history, imperialism, and stop acting as though belonging is exclusive to certain members of the population. Some people!

  2. I would love to know what in the world happened for this old fart with a toe crusher (that’s what I call those suitcases) to make a comment that involved the n-word in the first place. I don’t appreciate the kid following her around like that, but she shouldn’t have opened her mouth to begin with.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHa, I love your commentary of this video. In reading your piece I kept thinking about the idea of this being a land of immigrants, save the “First Nations” peoples who this land was robbed from and systematically eradicated in the most atrocious genocide this planet has ever witnessed. And although, you did not mention that, you did hit the nail on the head about the immigration aspect. It is not shocking that there still remains people who are caught on video acting in this manner, but it is shocking that people still believe and act this way and this was a rather “clean and nice” representation of racism, if there is such a thing. It is definitely the case that it could have been more explicit and worse. I regard to your comment about the adolescent who captured the video, I cannot help but think that the woman in the video must have done something to aggravate and instigate the youth to provide the motivation for the youth to start filming in the first place. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and ridiculing this person. One of the best ways to corrected and reshape behavior is through social pressure, and shaming is a huge part of that.

  4. Okay, in case nobody notices . . . I am white. I hope I do not offend anybody by what I have to say as that is not my intent. Black people have made the N-Word their own, and use it a whole bunch. I am an old man now, but as far back as my teenage years I have only once called a Black man the N-Word and that was because he stole the bi*ch I was with. But, that is not my point. The point I am trying to raise is, why have the Black people not taken the use of the N-Word by other races as funny? Seriously, how many intelligent people do you know that are racists? Every racist I know regardless of color tends to be an idiot. If you listen to their garbage, it has to make you laugh. So, why not laugh? I know it may feel different to you as a Black person to be called the N-Word, but by getting all p’d off about it, are you not feeding the fire rather than putting it out? Again, no offence intended. BTW thank you.

    1. Does it sound like this person was being funny? She was deliberately trying to be hurtful. And yes, SOME people of color use this word, not all. But when its used it means brotherhood or friend…among black people ONLY. This lady was not saying this word to be friendly, she called her a racial slur and told her to go back to her country. Actually she said “you’re a dirty nasty ngga.” Whats funny about that? And to really get into it, people of different races shouldnt want to say the word at all. It is a word used among a community of people who changed the meaning of the word and that is just the reality. And as you said, you called a dude the nword when you were upset. Nothing funny about that…

      1. That isn’t what I was saying. I realize the woman was quite offensive, and I like the way the gent held his temper. I think it is funny when I am called a “cracker” and laugh it off. She was an idiot and his holding his temper turned her into a blithering idiot. The only reason to become that offensive is to create a negative response, in which she failed. She failed because he maintained his cool. Had he not have done so, his age and skin color may have been used against him. He did the right thing and did not let her under his skin. Keep in mind that I am being sincere in my questions, not trying to push any buttons. Out of 57 years I referred to one man using the N-Word, and I was far more than upset. I guarantee I have been referred to worse much more often. But again, my point was ownership vs. tolerance for stupidity. Why step below when you can rise above sort of thing It is just a passing question. I like the tone of your blog and thought maybe a good place to ask an honest question. Actually, the way the guy did in the video situation by maintaining his cool is what made me think of it.

      2. I dont think calling someone a “cracker” is funny or acceptable under any circumstance. But there are cultural differences here that causes our differences opinion. Thank you for the honest dialogue.

      3. Frankly, what is truly funny is that people can be so ignorant to believe racism can work in our society in this day and age. Is it possible that we validate racists by being so sensitive to their garbage? Consider Sterling: He should have been laughed at like an old fool instead of his racism validated? Oh well, I am sorry that I seem to have caused a situation in which it appears that is exactly what I refer to. Why need we be so sensitive, so of a mindset, that offense is the only way we feel even when trying to hold meaningful dialog. There really has to be a better way to deal with the racial problems we all seem to become wrapped up in. And, I mean all races, not only Blacks and Whites. Thank you for your time. I hope you do not mind my dropping by every so often for a read. I really find some of your work very interesting.

      1. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that people can be such racists! An outstanding commentary of the video! Its high time that people change their mentality!

  5. I used to get this comment a lot when I first moved to America. From African Americans. At first I thought, well, that’s rude and stupid. For some reason or other other races treated me better and with more respect as an individual far better than African Americans did. And I grew up in an upperclass, some well off city in the Midwest. So its not that they weren’t educated or didn’t know better….anyway, it’s very sad that people are this ignorant, but thankfully most of us are good peoples regardless of race.

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