Month: July 2014

Letter to Michael Vick Protesters

Letter to Michael Vick Protesters


Dear Protesters,

In 2007, Michael Vick was convicted and incarcerated for dog fighting and animal torture. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Since being released he has turned his life around, donated money to animal charities, and stayed out of trouble in general. The question that many people are asking is, exactly what does this man have to do to get animal rights activists out of his azzhole? Isn’t this a country of second chances? His acts were horrific, but it seems that animal rights activists would only be satisfied if he received the death penalty.

As an animal lover, the outrage was present years ago when this crime was committed. Now, not so much. There are convicted sex offenders living in our neighborhoods and our political system is breaking at the seams with right-wing nut jobs. At this point, can’t we move the hell on?

Recently he hosted a comedy event in Louisiana, which was not related to animals in the least. In the off season, many football players generate income by making appearances around the country. Well, seven years after dog fighting, this man can’t even make a living without animal rights activist intervening. We get it! No one supports dog fighting. But damn, he fights dogs no longer, so maybe move the hell on.

Hypocrisy much? There is an entire season for hunters to senselessly murder animals, maybe you should go and protest their azzes. And if I’m not mistaken, Louisiana has legalized cock fighting as a darn sport. Can y’all make your way to the local politician who supports systemic animal cruelty?


The Host of the Damn Circus


Fox News Reporter Vows to Fck Missing Girl When Found

Fox News Reporter Vows to Fuck Missing Girl When Found

Really, Fox News!!

“Yeah, I’d fck her, I’d fck her right in the pussy!”

There are just no words to explain the disgust that I felt when I saw this video. Apparently, a Fox News reporter thought the camera was off and decided to say the most disgusting things you can say regarding a victim, or anyone for that matter. I know that we all say things when we think no one is listening, but to say that you would fck a missing person when found, that just reveals how much of a monster you really are.

Women, watch out for this charmer!!! Our circus act of the day and future serial rapist!!