Letter to Michael Vick Protesters

Letter to Michael Vick Protesters

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Letter to Michael Vick Protesters


Dear Protesters,

In 2007, Michael Vick was convicted and incarcerated for dog fighting and animal torture. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Since being released he has turned his life around, donated money to animal charities, and stayed out of trouble in general. The question that many people are asking is, exactly what does this man have to do to get animal rights activists out of his azzhole? Isn’t this a country of second chances? His acts were horrific, but it seems that animal rights activists would only be satisfied if he received the death penalty.

As an animal lover, the outrage was present years ago when this crime was committed. Now, not so much. There are convicted sex offenders living in our neighborhoods and our political system is breaking at the seams with right-wing nut jobs. At this point, can’t we move the hell on?

Recently he hosted a comedy event in Louisiana, which was not related to animals in the least. In the off season, many football players generate income by making appearances around the country. Well, seven years after dog fighting, this man can’t even make a living without animal rights activist intervening. We get it! No one supports dog fighting. But damn, he fights dogs no longer, so maybe move the hell on.

Hypocrisy much? There is an entire season for hunters to senselessly murder animals, maybe you should go and protest their azzes. And if I’m not mistaken, Louisiana has legalized cock fighting as a darn sport. Can y’all make your way to the local politician who supports systemic animal cruelty?


The Host of the Damn Circus


  1. It’s not about the crimes. Sure, he ruthlessly tortured and killed around twenty dogs.
    But it’s about what that reveals about the person. For someone to make the choice to murder and torture any living being for no reason other than entertainment, and maybe a few extra dollars (that he doesn’t need), it tells us all we need to know about the individual. Michael Vick is evil, and it’s pretty damn obvious that the only thing making him act nice, is that he is trying to rebuild his image.

    Some crimes are unforgivable, not because of their impact, but because of what they reveal about the person.

    He chose to murder and torture dogs for his own personal enjoyment and to gain status. That’s not something you forgive because he throws a couple of touchdown passes, or gives out a token amount of money to an animal charity.

    And yes,similarly, there are pedophiles out there. The difference is that the pedophiles aren’t getting hundred million dollar contracts, don’t have kids wearing their jerseys, and don’t parade around like demi-Gods.

    If Michael Vick wants to live out the remainder of his days in humble obscurity, then maybe we’d forgive him. And if you listen to his interviews, he’s only sorry that he got caught and went to jail.

    1. So although he has done his time and paid his debt to society, he can’t feed his family? Yeah, don’t agree with that. People need to move on. If people don’t support him, don’t show up to his events. He was making millions of dollars before he was incarcerated, so now that he is out of prison, should he work at McDonalds? He isn’t profiting from his crime, he is just trying to move on, like some people need to.

  2. Reblogged this on dollparts527 and commented:
    I think people tend to grapple onto animal rights versus human rights due to animal rights being an easier topic to understand and put forth. Human rights is a constant vivisection of where statistics meets emotionalist philosophy and then that linked to international history and many people don’t like that for a bunch of reasons, probably because a few have some type of deep seated prejudice. Vegans tend to be so passionate about their point of views but it stops at the immigrant workers. I do agree that many easily offended people like to shove that in Vegans’ faces, “Your conviction stops with human rights”, they shout as they themselves say or do nothing to begin those said human rights/injustices. All in all, I can’t say. Many types I can’t help but assume that these people take a stance just to have a stance, which is a crappy assumption to make.

      1. I have never understood that at all. There are children being abused right now and people are more concerned with women’s bodies and dogs.

      2. It’s called hypocrisy.. I swear it’s always about Guns, God and Gays… Don’t touch my guns, God is Christian so screw everyone else and those filthy Gays… People are sheeple and they believe that stuff. You are awake and think!

      3. I support a woman’s right to choose. I personally don’t believe in abortion, but I can’t speak for all women. It’s their bodies, not mine.

    1. Checked out your link! I feel you about abortion, but I am just someone who believes that my opinion should not regulate what a woman does with her body. That is just my opinion and I have always believed that. We all have differences of opinion regarding this subject and I respect it. But as hard as I try to think another way on I still drift back to the middle. It’s not for me, but that’s just me. Others may feel something different. And that’s okay.

  3. You know, since yeseventhistoowillpass brought up God… I’ll go ahead and give my two cents. WAY too many Christians are falling on the non-Biblical side of these issues. The Christian answer to Michael Vick should be: Forgiveness. The Christian answer to Guns? Stop living your life in (irrational) fear. The Christian answer to Gays? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    But anyway, I don’t think this is really a religious issue. I think this is more one of those “let’s mercilessly, self-righteously judge some celebrity because we have nothing we like better to do than be pissed off” things. I will say though, that if polls say three quarters or some number like that of Americans are Christians, then it stands to reason a lot of the people who hate Michael Vick are Christians. To them I refer again to my first paragraph. To my non-Christians out there, how about this? Mind your business. The man served his time! If the court didn’t sentence him to life, why are you trying to?

    1. I agree with you! He should not have to continue to live with protesters who didn’t agree with his sentence. Where are the protesters for that Texan Teen who killed a car load of people? He was sentenced to probation because of a condition called affluence. Basically meaning that rich kids get a pass with murder while less privileged kids get hard prison time. Why aren’t these same idiots questioning why this murdered is walking around free. Our society is basically stating that if you kill a couple of people, you can get probation, but if you kill a dog, you go to prison. I truly can’t stand these idiots.

  4. America is all about second chances if you’re from the right parts of society. Nobody blinks an eye at Martha Stewart, and yet, she’s a convicted felon.

    I see people’s point about animals, but at some point, we have to allow for redemption. If not, then the whole idea of reforming criminals becomes a joke. He still has the same rights as any other American.

  5. To the females supporting this perverted piece of shit go such dick you stupid. To the males get you some mangina. You a bunch of dick worshipers. Get off the Internet and spend time with you wife and kids than panting over vick. He’s got plenty of men Jones ING for him.

    1. That was simply not called for. I dont worship any other man’s dick but my husband’s. People have a right to their opinions even if you don’t like them. So you go and fuck yourself with a desert cactus and never return if you dont like an open forum of opinion. I dont mind people stating what they feel, but dont get on here talking about sucking dick and nonsense. You suck a drippy dick and shut the fuck up.

  6. The other day on the radio there was some discussion about people who ‘pay’ their debt to society and are released back into normal life. Some said the debt was paid and the others said to throw away the key. Life is meant to exert pressure on all of us, either because of us or others no matter what. We should all come to consensus and agreement about things but we usually don’t so there is consistent conflict. People can change for the better or get worst depending on how they handle the pressures of society, and Michael Vick’s consciousness will decide that. Not people. People are dumb enough to forget these things over time or die trying. He just has to deal with it and let the chips fall where they may.

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