Month: August 2014

Obama is destroying the country…one tan suit at a time

Yesterday, Obama had the audacity to put this nation’s security at risk when he decided to where a  tan suit at his press conference. Ronald Reagan would have never in his right mind offended the public is such a fashion. Now the Russians and China have raised their terror alerts waiting for an ISIS retaliation because of the president’s choice in wardrobe.

Who started this bull? GOP Rep. Peter King was outraged at the President’s presentation and stated that enemies around the world will never take the US seriously with such a horrendous choice in fashion. He called the President inarticulate and claimed that he doesn’t care about international relations…because he wore his Easter suit.

Actually, most sane people could care less about what Obama wears during a press conference. As long as he doesn’t have on a “wife beater”, sagging pants, and a huge gold chain draped around his neck, I could care less what he wears.


I am affiliated with a gang

Damn, if he is in a gang so am I.
Damn, if he is in a gang so am I.

I wasn’t going to address the issues occurring in Ferguson, MO, but I thought it was hilarious that the media thought this police captain was flashing gang signs while interacting with the protesters. He is a member of a national Black fraternity known as Kappa Alpha Psi.

When I was in college, I was honored to be chosen for one of the national Black sororities. It enhanced my college experience and I learned a lot about my heritage, and I was able to volunteer in destitute communities. My Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc (1920) donated books and built water wells in Africa.

My sister always joked with me about sororities and fraternities being gangs, but they are far from it. It is about making a difference in the community and…well…I partied like there was no tomorrow. lmao!

Black fraternities and sororities were created because during the time of their creation, African American students were not allowed to join white fraternities. During those days, there was a lot of blatant racism and discrimination that excluded persons of color from joining certain groups on campuses. So of course, Black people formed their own.

So here we are in 2014 and people are unaware of certain fraternal symbols and ultimately assume the safest assumption, these must be gang signs. I ultimately fault the media because we assume that they are educated individuals. But I won’t attack lay persons who probably never been to college and are ignorant to Black Greek life. I thought it was sad that this individual, who was trying his best to calm looters and protesters was labeled a gang member because people did not understand his hand gestures.

My husband belongs to a rival black fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma, which is also the brother fraternity of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. But I wanted to high light Kappa Alpha Psi just to demonstrate that it is a brotherhood of college educated men that has absolutely no affiliation with street gangs.

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda Confuses

“He Can Tell I Ain’t Missing No Meals”

The release of Nicki Minaj’s official video for “Anaconda” has compiled 28 million views since being released…two days ago.  Now for all you guys who visit regularly, I am always talking shit about Miley Cyrus with her no-ass-at-all ass. I complain about her touching her crotch and all, but I didn’t know how to feel about Nicki’s video.

Offended or inspired?

Nicki’s video is a group ass-twerking phenomenon among men, and an inspiration for women with flat asses. However, would you want your daughter to watch some mess like this? I know I wouldn’t! But here is the thing, I like the video. It has given me inspiration to do those painful squats every night before bed. Can you be inspired and offended at the same time?

What is this b#tch secret?

What man you know will complain about all the gyrating asses in this video? The video reaction clips on Youtube will have you in tears. My question has always been, how in the hell did she get her ass like that? I can’t be the only straight female who wants to know. What the hell is her secret?

What are your thoughts?

Crazy Racist Lady

“You God Damn Son of A Ni**er Loving Atheist B#tch”

With all the racial tension in the US, this crazy and obviously drunk bitch was caught showing her ass. LMAO!

“I’m gonna god damn kill you”

Yall, this is some hilarious shit! Officially the circus act of the decade.