Miley Cyrus sparks FCC Investigation

Miley Cyrus sparks FCC Investigation

Miley Cyrus has generated more negative attention today as the FCC received several complaints following the NBC airing of the Banger’s Tour. Although the crowd seemed ecstatic when Miley and her colorful entourage hit the stage, adults were obviously offended by the lewd acts performed on stage. If you viewed at least the first 30 seconds of the NBC special, you have an idea of what the concert will represent from the beginning to the end. Miley starts the show wearing a red leotard with white fur around her neck. Weird is not the word you would use for her peculiar appearance; it seemed that she was going for an image catering solely to young girls and confused little boys. The problem with this type of television special is the colliding themes:

  • Girls just want to have fun
  • Look at me touch my vagina

There is nothing wrong with having fun and incorporating kid-friendly characters in your concert, but performing sex acts on stage in front of these young girls should have raised some red flags with NBC executives. Were they under the impression that this concert was acceptable on television? She has an entire number dedicated to paying too much attention to her groin area. NBC should be fined for their stupidity.

Miley Cyrus Sparks FCC Investigation
And she touched it too..nasty azz!




  1. Hanna Montana really? Still on that Disney trip? Miley is a woman now and the world loves excess. Only hypocrites crying foul. That is nothing compared to what’s on the web fully accessible to kids. Who’s supervising them? And she mad rich. People buying her music. She making the recording company richer. Can’t be naive in a world run by money. Morality? Really?


    1. The problem is that there are parents who try to limit what their children see on television. However, if NBC rates the program as PG13, then parental control will not work. Miley’s show should have been rated properly so parents could at least have the option to let their children watch or not. Look, I wouldn’t want my child watching a young woman rub her cookie and dry-screw Abraham Lincoln on prime-time television. And we can say she grown all we want, but she will always be known as Hannah Montana. So, sorry if real shit is not your forte.


      1. I feel you. I just see the world different is all. Miley and Hannah to me are just commercial Shit. Nothing more nothing less. The world is more real than people howling about Disney you know.


      2. we have all done things that may be classified as inappropriate, but there is a difference between private and public. She was touching herself, smoking weed, and gyrating on Abraham Lincoln. That should have been an HBO special, not a rated PG13 special on NBC. I’m all for women expressing themselves, but at least give people the choice to shield their children from it.


    1. If he not embarrassed or pissed off then something is really wrong. I would be ashamed to even show my face to my father after patting myself on the goodies while straddling a car in front of millions of people. I understand that she wants to shed the Hannah Montana image, but damn, this aint sexy. She could be sexy and classy. Maybe her mother didn’t teach her that.


  2. OMG my eyes hurt!! What. In. The. Bloody. Hell! Sigh I have to wonder as well what her father thinks. Hell her whole family. But Miley knows exactly what she’s doing and the affects her antics have on Jane and John Q Public. Whether she cares or not is the question at hand.


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