Nicki Minaj “Baby Got Back”



Recently, Miley got us all roweled up about her masturbating and molesting Abraham Lincoln with her genitalia, but what are your thoughts about Nicki Minaj and the art for her next single, Anaconda?

I was offended by Miley showing off her nasty azz twat during her concert, but I’m not too offended by this photo.

This may sound a little biased, but let me explain…

The female body can be viewed as a work of art (not Miley, she looks just nasty). The little waist and huge azz is a symbol of health and beauty in the Black community, especially in the south. I have been trying to get my shape like this since I was a teenager. So far I have failed on all accounts, but seems like Nicki is doing just fine in that department.

Don’t laugh at my next comment but, I think it’s a positive step forward for young women to see that you can still be beautiful with a humongous azz. What are your thoughts? lol



  1. I know a white boy in Canada who sure as shit isn’t going to complain. The same goes for Miley as well. In the big picture if an artist uses her sexuality to sell her product, or incorperates her sexuality into performance, then, hey, good for you. Ms. Minaj looks great. The shoes are an interesting choice.


  2. I’m with you SouthernGal I’m not to offended by Nicki Minaj’s cover either. I think she uses her sexuality and dangerously seductive curves to her advantage; unlike Miley who seems to be going through a weird post teenage rebellion tryna be something she obviously is not phase. I feel if Miley Cyrus would concentrate on making music then she’d be okay.


  3. I agree with the little waist and health . I am not hating Nicki is beautiful but should we all our girls to yearn toward surgery when they are not content with the bodies they have ? Or should we teach them to love and embrace the bodies they have ? In truth : Google Nicki Minaj when she began rapping. Tell me what you see is different . On another note I wish Nicki the best in her career!


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