Rihanna named World's Wildest Style Icon

Rihanna named World’s Wildest Style Icon by W Magazine

Rihanna named World's Wildest Style Icon
This chic always seems to amaze me with her fashion sense. Awesome!

Rihanna was named the World’s Wildest Style Icon by W Magazine yesterday; an honor that arrived only a few months after Rihanna was pegged as 2014’s Fashion Icon.

Rihanna quite often struts the line between appropriate and possible lewdness. Her Twitter account is the ultimate vehicle for her to display her most outrageous outfits or barely-there moments while jetting around the world. Recently, Rihanna was captured sporting her intimates and boxers to a club, and now we are gifted with a more riveting image of the hip-hop princess.

In her recent shoot, she presented her wild persona, but the elegance and natural dominance of the scene was the element that validated her rise as a fashion icon. The W Magazine shoot asserted the singer’s talent for capturing the most enduring and novel photographs as she posed in a Dancing with the Wolves inspired motif. She appears as an African princess draped with beautiful animal fur and tribal jewelry. In one photograph, Rihanna is accompanied by wolves strategically placed as her companions rather than represent a predatory element.

Rihanna’s W photo shoot progressed from an Afrocentric theme to a historically vibrant narrative that told a story about the most beautiful models of African descent, Naomi Campbell and Iman. The two beauties accompany Rihanna in the celebration of women of color who are deemed fashion icons around the world.

It is only fitting that Rihanna join the ranks of super models and notable fashion icons as she has a take-charge personality in the fashion-industry. The fashionista launched her own clothing line, River Island in 2013, and debuted at New York’s Fashion Week the same year. If there is one thing we know about Rhianna, it is her excellent fashion sense, and bravery when decking herself out in the most talked about garb on the market.

Photo Credits by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.


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