4 Ladies 4 Vaginas…Move

4 Ladies 4 Vaginas

Well, we know the state of the music industry around the world! But what are your thoughts?


Author: SuperGirl

SuperGirl has a lot of sassy conjecture about the drama that surrounds us all. She dwells on topics that range from celebrity news, entertainment, parenting, politics, and personal experiences that drives the drama of our lives. Life is an adventure.

8 thoughts on “4 Ladies 4 Vaginas…Move”

  1. As a Korean, I am shameful of these new K-Pop group for its vulgar explicity. They’d sell better if they just came out in full-frontal nudity. It’s might not be the girls’ fault but the greed of the mgt company that these girls came out in this shapes

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    1. Its not too bad! But it does validate the fact that the music industry is selling a lot more sex nowadays. Not saying anything wrong with selling sex, its just pointless if you have no talent to back it up.

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