Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda Confuses

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“He Can Tell I Ain’t Missing No Meals”

The release of Nicki Minaj’s official video for “Anaconda” has compiled 28 million views since being released…two days ago.  Now for all you guys who visit regularly, I am always talking shit about Miley Cyrus with her no-ass-at-all ass. I complain about her touching her crotch and all, but I didn’t know how to feel about Nicki’s video.

Offended or inspired?

Nicki’s video is a group ass-twerking phenomenon among men, and an inspiration for women with flat asses. However, would you want your daughter to watch some mess like this? I know I wouldn’t! But here is the thing, I like the video. It has given me inspiration to do those painful squats every night before bed. Can you be inspired and offended at the same time?

What is this b#tch secret?

What man you know will complain about all the gyrating asses in this video? The video reaction clips on Youtube will have you in tears. My question has always been, how in the hell did she get her ass like that? I can’t be the only straight female who wants to know. What the hell is her secret?

What are your thoughts?


  1. She’s entertaining and funny. How can anyone take her seriously making videos like that? I like a couple of get songs but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. She’s alright. She could definitely make a living directing and starring in adult movies.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about the video. One thing I’m wondering is do videos like this set an unattainable expectation of how black women should look like? I mean one of the themes running through the song is anti-skinny chick, but the extra weight the Niki and the gang have is not randomly dispersed but strategically and specifically in their asses. And you are right to ask how can you achieve this physique where a certain amount of fat will be placed just in the buttocks but no where else leaving a flat stomach and shapely desireable legs, back, shoulders, and arms. This is likely an anomoly of genetics as anything else. That being said I do love this look. Incredibly erotic and sexy as hell. The song itself though is meh. A fucked out theme and premise: My pussy is good, and you’ll to fuck me and watch my ass, and when I dance your cock will get hard you’ll want to fuck me, and you’ll want my pussy more than any other bitch. It’s a little like a candy bar: tastes great but not a lot of substance. But I’m not the target audience so I’m sure Miss Minaj could give a fuck what I think. On the other hand I like that she created something so raw and primal. Sometimes simple is good. And also something that is just for grown ups.

    1. You have me over here in tears. Lets see, what can black women get from this video. I am a realist and I don’t expect to look exactly like Nicki, but it does make you want to do a little better with exercising and eating right. I have always thought she had butt implants because I have never seen an ass like that on a regular person. lol

    1. I never understood why she got booty implants when all she needed was a good trainer. But hey, whatever makes her happy. She is a prolific rapper who always rips the mic, so the booty implants weren’t necessary in my opinion. But, I am glad she has had so much success.

  3. She’s got genetics on her side… as for the others, not sure; I’ll have to watch at home (wouldn’t wanna risk that at work!). She is like a comic-book goddess – unattainably voluptuous and sort of realistically anomalous. My husband’s take is “Her ASS is ridiculous!” I agree it’s “badonkulous” but what do I know? I got some booty; but that, ironically, runs in the whiter side of my semi-brown family… (Dad’s side is from PR; mom’s is a mix of Eastern European nationalities). 🙂

    1. I wanted to get my husband’s point of view on her ass shaking, all he could do was shake his head and say “I ain’t going there with my wife.” Okay, this was a very smart response because I would have asked, “so, is that what kind of woman you want me to be? Didn’t know I wasn’t good enough.” Most of the time I am just giving him a hard time, but I know he probably watched this video at least ten times. lmao! My husband is the most descent guy, but I’m also realistic. If I watched the video and was like “DAMN” I know for sure that his ass was drooling at the mouth. lmao!

  4. Oh man, I have so many thoughts. I’m gonna try to be brief though. Over all, I’m cool with this video. Nicki Minaj is beautiful, and however she got that body, hey, she got it, and good for her. My only objection is the whole fuck skinny bitches thing. Nicki, you ARE a skinny bitch!!!!!! Look at that sculpted face, slim waist and legs, flat stomach… she has a big booty, but that’s it. Damn, if I lose a few pounds, first thing I think is, “Oh it probably came from my ass or my breasts.” I’m not complaining, but I’m just saying. Nicki, you ain’t fat, and maybe you don’t consider yourself skinny either, but… smh, I don’t know. I guess the rest of us gals gonna have to rely on booty pop tights until we figure it out hahaha!

    1. lol. you are quite right, she is not a fat girl. She is small in the waist and everywhere else but the ass area. All of the girls in the video were small as well.

  5. I’m sorry I’m just not feeling it. The whole song is her bragging about having sex with drug dealers and thugs who spend money on her because she’s so good in bed and they love her ass. Am I supposed to be impressed with her lyrical skills for that? And her performance on the VMA’s last was just dancing around shoving her ass in the air. Like I said before, it’s a sad state of affairs for female MC’s when this is the most successful one.

    1. I am a fan of Nicki, but I didn’t watch the VMAs until Beyonce performed. That was the only person I was interested in seeing. What is sad is the fact that Nicki is so talented without the plastic ass and “Anaconda” BS. But that song use to be my song back in the day. lol

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