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Damn, if he is in a gang so am I.
Damn, if he is in a gang so am I.

I wasn’t going to address the issues occurring in Ferguson, MO, but I thought it was hilarious that the media thought this police captain was flashing gang signs while interacting with the protesters. He is a member of a national Black fraternity known as Kappa Alpha Psi.

When I was in college, I was honored to be chosen for one of the national Black sororities. It enhanced my college experience and I learned a lot about my heritage, and I was able to volunteer in destitute communities. My Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc (1920) donated books and built water wells in Africa.

My sister always joked with me about sororities and fraternities being gangs, but they are far from it. It is about making a difference in the community and…well…I partied like there was no tomorrow. lmao!

Black fraternities and sororities were created because during the time of their creation, African American students were not allowed to join white fraternities. During those days, there was a lot of blatant racism and discrimination that excluded persons of color from joining certain groups on campuses. So of course, Black people formed their own.

So here we are in 2014 and people are unaware of certain fraternal symbols and ultimately assume the safest assumption, these must be gang signs. I ultimately fault the media because we assume that they are educated individuals. But I won’t attack lay persons who probably never been to college and are ignorant to Black Greek life. I thought it was sad that this individual, who was trying his best to calm looters and protesters was labeled a gang member because people did not understand his hand gestures.

My husband belongs to a rival black fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma, which is also the brother fraternity of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. But I wanted to high light Kappa Alpha Psi just to demonstrate that it is a brotherhood of college educated men that has absolutely no affiliation with street gangs.


  1. Okay, so, when I saw this picture I had no idea what those hand gestures meant. I have seen this police officer on TV and I would not assume he’s doing some gang thing. I assumed he was doing some black thing, maybe a Black Panther sign. And because I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and my name is Callaghan, you can imagine how little contact I’ve had with any black community. Where I grew up in Ontario Canada it was all Irish and Indian. Do you think we liked to drink? Anyhoo, it is crazy that the conclusion being jumped to was that it was a gang symbol.

    1. Lol. You like to drink? So do I. Well, not the hard stuff. Lol But Yeah this caught my attention because the media don’t do their research anymore. They just report then ask questions later.

  2. In fairness, having grown up in Blood territory, that sign does look very similar to the sign that I used to see members of the Neighborhood Piru Bloods using when I was in High School.

    1. I never even knew the symbols for gang signs. Lol But I understand some l people just don’t know and that’s OK. I was ticked off that the media concluded that this professional man was a gang member without doing the research.

      1. Yeah, it started through social media, with people sharing on FB and Twitter that it was a gang-sign, and then got picked up by media outlets. You’d think a reporter would contact him and ask him first what that sign meant before repeating it.

        But remember when Barack and Michelle first gave each other the fist-bump in public and that anchor on Fox referred to it as a “terrorist fist-jab”? Same thing here.

      2. OMG, when I first saw the first bump I was like “Awwww, that is too cute.” But then Fox with their bitch asses started spreading nonsense to their ignorant viewers that it was a terrorist signal. What is sad, people still think that Obama is a terrorist secretly plotting the down fall of America. I wish he would hurry up already! lol

      3. I know, right? And where’s my Reparations check for slavery, too? Wasn’t that another thing they said he was going to be doing if he got elected? They still act like he’s some radical Black militant, and I’m like, I WISH!

  3. Well, I must own up to my fault in all this. I am a member of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Affiliated Free and Accepted Masons, the group from which the founders of Black Greek organizations hailed. We were the gang that started the gangs, and our gang was chartered by the Grand Lodge of England because the all White gangs (Masons) wouldn’t allow Black members.

    Please accept my apologies for our roles in causing all this uproar.

    1. I blame the media in all this. There has to be a standard met before reporting the news. I understand that this entire ordeal is getting out of hand, but instead of the media labeling someone, they should conduct the research. I think the media isn’t the same anymore. They are like desperate bloggers who only report material for the “wow” factor instead of checking sources.

  4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Incredible video. Powerful message. Empowering message. I felt that I was watching oppression being overthrown through symbolic ritual, through words, and through beautiful, graceful, joyous and righteously angry movement. These young men like you, like our president, are our current and future leaders.

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