Beyonce Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

Beyonce Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

The MTV Video Music Awards morphed into the Beyonce Video Music Awards today. There is no shame to admit that I am a huge fan, so it was a real treat for me to see another epic show from the queen. The awards show was just snippets of the On the Run Tour, which I was able to attend. If you have never seen Beyonce or Jay Z live, you are missing out on two epic performers.

Picture provided by MTV Video Music Awards
Picture provided by MTV Video Music Awards

As we all have been bombarded with rumors of divorce and separation, Beyonce and Jay Z so eloquently demonstrated their love for their daughter and one another while she was presented with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. Beyonce became emotional and embraced both Blu Ivy and Jay Z while the moon man was passed along to a much deserving entertainer.

Picture taken by SouthernGal
Picture taken by SouthernGal from the On The Run Tour


What does this say about the rumor mill?

Who knows. Personally, I think every marriage has its ups and downs, and billionaires are no different. Of course the rumors will never subside as news outlets are fulfilling their rating quota in order to stay relevant.

However; what if they are headed for divorce and are trying to get along for the child? Again that would be their business. But it is important for people to understand that these two people still love and respect one another no matter their personal problems. I hope that they continue to raise their child among two people who will continue to love one another, even if it’s not a romantic love.



    1. you are right about that. I actually attended their concert. and the chemistry was not there at all. When she had to look at him during a routine, it was like she was looking last him. It was a great show. But yeah, the rumors will continue because the media is all about ratings. I hope that they can work things out.


      1. I already saw the headline on mediatakeout this morning, claiming that Jay Z and Beyoncé were arguing backstage. So, no, the rumors won’t drop. They probably never will, no matter how long they stay married.

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      2. I visited MTO, and as always they starting shit. But, it may be true. When I decided to research further, being nosey, she was pissed of that Solange was banned from visiting with her back stage. The report alleged that Beyonce got in the face of her security, and then she went smooth off on Jay Z. So of course people will read more into this than usual. But look, I’m happily married and I have had to go off on my husband a few times, but not in public because thats disrespectful. But it is different when you are two of the biggest stars in the world.


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