Rihanna Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Rihanna Does The Ice Bucket Challenge, Will You?

The ice bucket challenge has encouraged many celebrities and “normal” people to dump ice cold water on themselves for the cause of ALS. Rihanna so eloquently accepted the challenge during the Monster Tour. Despite her sometimes nasty attitude, she has answered the challenge in support of a great cause. I am a huge Rihanna fan, so I respect her participation in the cause.

Recently, my husband’s staff nominated him to take part in the challenge. In the back of my mind I thought “Oh shit, he’s gonna nominate me next and I just got my hair braided.” The same day he was nominated, he brought home this huge bucket and went outside on the patio to execute the challenge. Our toddler stood at the door watching his daddy pour the bucket on himself, and decided he needed to be apart of it. So little junior pulled off his diaper and proceeded to piss everywhere. (Okay, maybe the diaper and pissing has nothing to do with this, but why am I the only one to suffer). 

After my nomination, I was given 48 hours to complete the challenge. My hubby had the nerve to nominate his mother as well. Really? You gonna nominate your mom? If I nominated my mother she would have said, “I’m sorry baby but mama’s bones don’t do so well in the cold.” I don’t want to complete the challenge so I know my mother won’t be participating in anything that causes her bones to ache.

Yall, I really don’t want to do this shit. I figure my husband has done the challenge for both of us. He can also send in the money for both of us too. I promise that I am not some selfish ass with no soul, but why the cold ass water? It has now been 72 hours since the challenge and I have held out as long as I can. Maybe the hubby has forgotten or will give me a pass.



  1. As I understand it the person nominated has a choice: Do the challenge and donate $10 or don’t do the challenge and donate $100. Personally I likely wouldn’t do the challenge nor donate money to it even though I think it is a worthwhile cause. The charity I contribute to is breast cancer.


      1. That is true. My wife this past summer was diognosed and had a mastectomy. It was a shock. No history in her family, no smoking, no drinking, not overweight. Sometimes you can do everything right but still get bit. And in the mean time Charlie Sheen will likely live to be a hundred years old. The fucker.


      2. lmao, you are probably right about Charlie Sheen. Sorry to hear about your wife. It’s so sad that a cure hasn’t been created, but at least there are some advances that will help when caught early.


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