Spontaneous Urination

Sheryl Underwood is my soror and one of the past presidents of our national sorority. Currently she is a host of The Talk. Why in the hell did she think it was pertinent that she inform America that she pisses herself spontaneously is beyond my understanding. I mean think about it. Now, since she has informed the world about her leakage problem, people will always think “Is she pissing right now?”

If I had “pissy leakage problems” from a hysterectomy, there is no way in hell I would share this information to no damn body. People would not know that while I’m working, I’m actually urinating on myself. I empathize with her, and would never wish this condition on anyone, but no one would know about it either.

I hope that the Depends brand is compensating her appropriately, but DAMN! We don’t have to know that you are pissing yourself throughout the damn day.



  1. Ok…you really should put a “please put down your coffee before reading this post” disclaimer at the beginning of this. I now have to clean my “don’t touch under any circumstances” fancy, schmancy monitors.

    So, so funny, though…thank you for that. 🙂


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