Walmart Shooting

John Crawford Walmart Shooting

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Walmart Shooting

Murder at Walmart

We have all heard the news regarding the Walmart shooting in which John Crawford, an African American man was walking around the store with a pellet gun that he retrieved from the store shelves. A customer called in to the police and reported that there was a man waving a gun in Walmart. The SWAT team responded in  military gear and confronted the suspect with the alleged deadly weapon. Police report that they demanded the suspect put down the weapon, and he refused…and you know the rest.

Recent News in Walmart Murder

In recent headlines, and after the video was released to the family and their attorney, there is a different story being told. According to surveillance, the “suspect”, John Crawford, was actually leaning on the pellet gun like a cane while he was on his cell phone when confronted by SWAT. Before the “suspect” could turn around and state that the toy/pellet gun wasn’t real, he was gunned down in Walmart. This information was described by the family’s attorney, but the video has not been released to the public. Draw your own conclusions, I could care less.


Open Carry in Walmart…With No Murder!

Not long before this incident, there were 2nd Amendment activists taking part in their right to “open-carry” in Walmart. We have all seen the pictures of the idiots carrying around military weapons to purchase milk. Law enforcement was not notified of this event, and if they did, the SWAT team surely stayed at the precinct sipping hot coffee and eating day old donuts. There were also individuals participating in “open-carry” in restaurants, maybe the cook would ensure their meal was extra hot. The difference in these events, these were white men who were not harassed by the police not once. In contrast, you have an individual who grabbed a toy/pellet gun off the shelves in a store, and instead of considering “open-carry”, the cops only saw an African American male’s backside, a pellet gun, and a cell phone.

Walmart Shooting
Yes really has to protect himself from that Target basket. Wouldn’t want it to roll over his toes.
I hope there are enough sponges to go around.
I hope there are enough sponges to go around.
This is just not necessary but it is their right...not John Crawford's.
This is just not necessary but it is their right…not John Crawford’s.

Covering the Bases: Black on Black Crime

African Americans are faced with adversity in certain communities in which Black and Brown people are taking each other’s lives daily. The communities are blanketed with criminal and drug activity that imprisons residents whose economic strife prevents mobilization. This is presented in this article as there is always that one person who states, “what about black on black crime?” There is a definite problem in communities where young men and women are not aware of the opportunities afforded others and turn to drugs and violence. This is a known problem, so thank you for the reminder in advance. This still does not justify the murder of this individual who basically was armed with a toy in Walmart.


  1. This is really sad. Sad that this man was killed (murdered), sad for the racism that seemes to have shaped these actions and events, and sad that you live in a country where carrying guns in the open in a Walmart, or any other public place, is a thing. I love America but I, like most Canadians, simply do not understand your relationship with guns.

  2. I agree with John…I simply do not understand the American love affair with guns. I was behind a truck the other day with a big sign in the window that said “Live and Die by the 2nd Amendment!” WT…?? Really?? THAT’S what you’ll live and die for? Weird.

    1. I have never understood the love affair with guns either. My husband use to be licensed in Texas to carry, but he only carried for protection. Since we got married, I have made him get rid of it because too many people are getting murdered by the cops and civilians “standing their ground.”

  3. what really pissed me off about this story were the so called ‘witnesses’ who like the cops said he was pointing the gun at people and they all feared for their lives…that was the first account I heard so what I want to know is where are those witnesses now?

    1. Yeah, new information has basically deemed witness statements as false. But people see what they want. This is just sad. But We must wait for the video surveillance.

  4. America, where white people value their gun rights over the lives of black people. Without even getting into the gun thing and the hypocrisy, what the hell is going on in this country? I’m an American, but I lived in Japan for a few years, and came back, I guess, re-sensitized, if you will, to violence. As a college student, I first found it really shocking how many school shootings there are. But as time passes, It’s even more shocking how many black people are being fatally shot by cops (or wannabes in the case of Zimmerman killing Trevon Martin). So here’s my question, and what I have yet to glean from any of the news I’ve been reading, or the discussions I’ve listened to on NPR… what am I supposed to DO? I genuinely want to DO something to stop this evil that’s happening! Talking to all my friends and family about how fucked up our society is just doesn’t make a difference. God, I HOPE a lot of people feel the way I do — what do we do to prevent these shootings? What do we do to get justice for the people who have already been killed? Can we?

    A related question may be how do we get white people to stop being ridiculously afraid of black people? I am white, and I grew up in a pretty “diverse” neighborhood, as they say. I’m comfortable around everybody, but I’ve observed that some other white people I know, usually from affluent families/neighborhoods, just get nervous and suspicious of black people they don’t know. What’s with that? How do we fix this? I don’t think it’s crazy to think the irrational fear thing might be a factor in these shootings…

    1. At this point in time, I think people are finally waking up to the fact that not all black people always playing the race card.

      Although I have not been confronted with violence from the police, my husband is profiled so much that he knows and accepts the routine when he is pulled over by the cops for “investigative stops.”

      I have been followed around the store, but I make their lives a living hell because I ask them to find items I know I won’t be buying. They get pissed off and I smile throughout the entire ordeal.

      I’m not naive to the fact that there are some bad black people, just like in any race, but I think the suspicion originates from a historical perception of black people dating back to slavery. There are just some people who have ingrained suspicion into each generation, and it subsequently causes cops to shoot first and ask questions later when they see black skin.

  5. These incidents are beyond infuriating. What is still at the infuriating point, are the super stupid questions used as a diversionary tactic, like, “what about black on black crimes”? What about it? What does that have to do with the horrific numbers of white police crime on unarmed black people? First questions first.

    I deal with issues similar on the basis of being a First Nations/Native America person. We have been arguing with the most insane mentalities that think their 80 years of football pride trumps the centuries of bloody attempted genocide on another culture. Some just absolutely refuse to ‘get it’. I can only hope that the majority of the sane will soon stand up collectively to say, enough is enough.

    1. Some people will never get it; even the persons will good hearts and intentions. Sometimes these beliefs are drilled into their heads, and unfortunately, each generation is taught that this is the way things are.

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