Nicki Minaj Bounces Ellen Degeneres Rump in Anaconda

You gotta love Ellen. Twirk that azz Ellen. Twirk!
 Twirk that azz Ellen. Twirk!

Nicki Minaj Bounces Ellen Degeneres Rump in Anaconda Video

My Facebook friends are so awesome! They are always posting the silliest photos and videos that I use here in my personal circus. If you haven’t seen Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video, check it out in a few posts below.  Those of you who have seen it know that this point in the video is when Nicki is slapping a dancer on her extremely voluptuous ass. That look on Ellen’s face is priceless.

Ellen’s Ass Pads

Ellen, of course being her genuinely funny self, photo shopped herself in this part of the video and it made me choke on my 5 hour energy shot. Y’all, can you imagine Ellen twerking her ass? Not in a million years. But here she is in all of her glory with the booty shorts, and maybe some ass pads tucked in there.

You Just Got To Love Ellen

Although I have no time to tune into her talk show, I love how she highlights the talents of normal people who would have never been asked to be on television. There are just so many great people in the United States and she recognizes that not all are able to have such a nation wide platform. What I have learned from Ellen’s personality is the fact that she can laugh and have fun at our circus acts, and make us smile when our days may not be going as great as we want them to. Go Ellen!


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